5 Times Iron-Man Should Have Learned From His Mistakes

5 Times Iron-Man Should Have Learned From His Mistakes


We all know how smart and intelligent Iron-Man is and how he always tries to learn from his mistakes, and there are uncountable examples of when Iron-Man has learned from his mistakes.

But at the end of the day, he is also a human, and humans are not perfect and we all make mistakes just like these 5 times when Iron-Man did not learn from his mistakes.

iron-man mistakes
Iron-Man Mistakes

Constructs Weapons That Ultimately Work Against Him

Tony stark heavily relies on his technology and gadgets and that’s one of the reasons why he has so many suits and different kinds of gadgets and these weapons sometimes end up against him.

In Iron-man 2 Whiplash (Ivan Vanko) hacks into Iron-mans system and he uses all of his tech to attack Iron-Man himself not just that he also hacks War machine into attacking Iron-man.

And in 2015 he created Ultron who also backfired and became one of the worst enemies of Iron-Man.

Iron-Man Incites Others To Become His Enemies

Iron man has always been rich and arrogant and this has lead him to antagonize quite a few people, we all know he is not very polite specially when it comes to strangers, a perfect example could be Aldrich Killian.

Aldrich Killian could be saved from becoming a villain if Tony Stark just treated him more politely, if Tony Stark could become more polite he might save himself a lot of enemies.

After all more enemies not only made his life more difficult but his loved ones as well.

His Guilt Forces Him To Make Wrong Decision

Tony Stark always keeps on trying to become perfect and save everything he can and this is one of the things that has made him so successful.

Just like every other human being he also makes mistakes but he always tries to undo his mistakes, or try to avoid similar mistakes.

For someone like tony Stark who always try to make things perfect, his mistakes make him feel guilty, just like after the battle of New York Tony stark wanted to create a world that will be ready for similar attacks.

And when trying to make an AI to protect the world against future attacks, he ended up creating Ultron who wanted to destroy the entire world.

Mocks Everyone

Tony mocking and being sarcastic is always enjoyed the all the marvel fans but tony does not only mocks his enemies but also his fellow superheroes.

He made fun of Thor when they first met and Thor did not liked it, he also poke and irritates banner knowing that a single trigger will lead him to transform into the Hulk.

And we all know how sarcastic he is when he talks to Captain America.

Doesn’t Care About His Suit’s Battery

When it comes to fighting aliens Iron-man’s suit is his best friend (and the AI as well) but he just dose not seem to care about draining his suit’s battery.

Once he punched Hulk using so much power that Tony’s suit was completely discharged and he couldn’t even get out of the suit, then ant-man had to help him to get out of the suit.

Once when he was fighting against Korvac, tony stark used so much power in his energy blast that his suit went completely discharged again.

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