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Although villains are supposed to be bad and do bad things, there are some villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) who are actually good and had the right intentions but were either misunderstood, used as a pawn by the more powerful villains, or misled.

Here are 5 times MCU villains were actually right:

Killmonger: ‘Black panther’

mcu killmonger
MCU Killmonger

In the 2018 black Panther, killmonger might be seen as a villain but rather he was a misunderstood protagonist who just wanted good for his people.

Killmonger just wanted to help his people by utilizing Wakanda’s technology as he would not be able to do that without becoming the king of Wakanda, whereas T’Challa wanted to keep Wakanda’s technology a secret.

And this was one of the major reasons why Killmonger never saw T’Challa as worthy of being Wakanda’s king.

To do he also took the right path by challenging the king, Killmonger’s intentions were right but he chose a little aggressive path as he was filled with anger and revenge because T’Challa’s father killed Killmonger’s father when Killmonger was a kid, and left Killmonger alone.

T’Challa’s father knew he did a big mistake, and still did not even try to correct his mistake.

Loki: ‘Thor’

mcu loki
MCU Loki

Loki was a very interesting character in the MCU, as we saw him turn from a victim to a villain than an anti-hero and finally a hero, in 2011 Thor, Loki never saw Thor as a worthy king who could rule Asgard.

So Loki interrupted the coronation ceremony by inviting the frost Giants to the party spurring Thor’s urge to always attack, Odin saw Thor’s ego and the intention of an eye for an eye, which are not the qualities of a true king and decided that Thor is not ready Yet.

Thor’s reaction was proof of being childish and selfish and it proves that Loki was right to think that Thor was not worthy to rule Asgard.

Ghost: ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’

mcu ghost
MCU ghost

In Ant-Man and the Wasp, Ava star was in constant and severe pain as a result of her condition, and this coupled with her extreme level of frustration drove her to risk Janet’s life in order to save herself.

At last she was fighting to save her life, It becomes clear that Janet was right to believe that this was her only chance of surviving thanks to her efforts to assist her. She wouldn’t have met Janet, who went on to assist her in gradually curing her illness, if she hadn’t taken matters into her own hands. It turn out Ghost was right afterall.

Thanos: ‘Avengers Infinity war & Endgame’

mcu thanos
MCU Thanos

Thanos had only one goal in life ‘to bring back the balance in the universe’ , as his home planet Titan strained by overpopulation which caused scarcity of resources and that’s why he wanted to balance the population of the entire universe.

The easiest way to do so was with the infinity stones, Thanos’ decision of vanashing half of the universe was also right because when the population of a planet gets to a certain level, baby celestials are born consuming the entire planet as we saw in ‘eternals’.

Had Avengers not brought back half of the universe, the celestial event would have delayed.

Hela: ‘Thor-Ragnarok’

mcu hela
MCU Hela

Hela was the firstborn of Odin therefore she was the rightful heir to the throne, Hela and Odin fought alongside and conquered other realms, They both created the Asgard, but Odin’s sudden change in heart was unacceptable for Hela.

Hela was raised between battles, she was taught to kill, hence she became the Goddess of death, she was a product of the wrong upbringing of Odin.

Hela wanted to rule the Asgard as she was the rightful heir and she was willing to kill everyone who stood against her.

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