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6 MCU Villains Even More Powerful Than Kang


While Kang the Conqueror may be the most powerful villain of MCU Phase 4, there are still other characters who are significantly more powerful than Kang.

These characters may appear in later phases. In the meantime, here are the six MCU villains who are even more powerful than Kang:

6. Onslaught

mcu villain onslaught
MCU Villain Onslaught

Professor X committed the mistake of creating the onslaught; when he entered Magneto’s mind, he observed suffering, loss, and hatred; as a result, he shut down his mind, causing the onslaught to be born—a creature made of fear, hatred, and losses.

Franklin Richards had to transfer the remaining superheroes to different earth in order to prevent Onslaught from killing them all because Onslaught killed the Avengers, including the Hulk, the Fantastic Four, and many more.

This made Onslaught one of the comic books’ strongest villains.

5. Magneto

mcu villain magneto
MCU Villain Magneto

Magneto has the power to manipulate metal in any way he chooses; in other words, he has telekinesis power, but only for metal.

Because there is so much metal in the world, particularly in the modern era where every piece of technology is made from a different metal, Magneto has control over every type of metal.

Magneto can easily tear apart Iron-man is small pieces in a matter of seconds, he can throw Avengers Quinjet in outer space like a ball, he can also crush S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Helicarrier. Magneto believes that all humans must pay for al the wrong things they did to mutants, magneto has the ability to destroy the entire world but he has his morals and that is holding him from destroying everything.

Despite the fact that Magneto himself does not wish to end the world, he harbours hatred for all people due to the losses, anger, and hatred he has experienced in the past due to people.

4. Dark Phoenix

mcu villain dark phoenix
MCU Villain Dark Phoenix

Jean grey was one of the strongest mutant yet and after she was exposed to an ancient comic force, phoenix force, she became so strong that she defeated Apocalypse easily.

She was so powerful that she couldn’t even control her powers and took so many lives that she had to kill herself in order to save others.

In the MCU we saw Logan killing jean grey because her powers were out of control, either way, it never ended well for Jean Grey.

3. Galactus

mcu villains galactus
MCU VIllains Galactus

Galactus is frequently referred to as a villain because, in order for him to survive, he must eat planets, and eating planets means killing people and this is against superheroes, so he is most commonly called a villain.

But since Galactus is a necessary component of the universe because he keeps the balance of the universe in check, it becomes crucial that he survives. To do this, he had to eat planets.

2. The Phoenix Force

mcu villain phoenix force
MCU Villain Phoenix force

Phoenix force is a cosmic entity that lives inside a host, in comics it frequently takes hosts like Jean Grey, Emma Frost, and Rachel Grey, it can absorb energy, and it has single-handedly defeated Galactus once.

Phoenix force abilities include: matter manipulation, energy manipulation, resurrection, cosmic awareness, telekinesis.

It possesses unlimited powers to create anything and even destroy anything and is one of the oldest entities in the universe.

1. Doctor Doom

mcu villain doctor doom
MCU Villain Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom was arguably one of the Fantastic Four’s strongest villain, and he wasn’t even an alien or a god; rather, he was just an exceptionally intelligent normal human being who used his grasp of science and magic to transform himself into Doctor Doom.

Given his skill in hand-to-hand combat and knowledge of martial arts, Doctor Doom has defeated the Phoenix Force and the Black Panther, who was wielding the Infinity Gauntlet, demonstrating his strength.

6 Most Powerful Beings In the Marvel Universe

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