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6 Most Powerful Beings In the Marvel Universe


At some point, we’ve all wondered, “Who is the strongest Avenger?” and in our previous article, we provided the answer.

most powerful being in the marvel universe
Most powerful being in the marvel universe

However, when it comes to the top 6 most powerful characters in the MCU, not even the most powerful Avenger has a chance against them, all of these 6 characters has one thing in common, all are cosmic entities.

Everyone in the list has either defeated the Galactus or has the power to do so. Here are the 6 most powerful being in the entire MCU starting with:

6. Phoenix Force

pheonix force
Pheonix force

Phoenix force is a cosmic entity that lives inside a host, in comics it frequently takes hosts like Jean Grey, Emma Frost, and Rachel Grey, it can absorb energy, and it has single-handedly defeated Galactus once.

Phoenix force abilities include: matter manipulation, energy manipulation, resurrection, cosmic awareness, telekinesis.

It possesses unlimited powers to create anything and even destroy anything and is one of the oldest entities in the universe.

5. Franklin Richards

franklin richards
Franklin Richards

Reed Richards and Susan Storm’s son, Franklin Richards, was a part of the Fantastic Four, and did you know that the Fantastic Four were the first superheroes created by Stan Lee, and Franklin Richards was the firstborn superhero in all the marvel comics?

Franklin Richards can warp realities, manipulate energy, and has abilities like telekinesis, astral projection, telepathy, teleportation, and immortality.

These abilities and powers make him the most powerful mutant ever in the comic world, and also make him one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe.

4. Eternity


Eternity is a cosmic entity and the twin brother of Infinity, eternity has the ability of cosmic awareness, Nigh-Omniscience, he can easily wrap realities, matter manipulation.

Eternity has even defeated Dormamu who is made of magical energy, and time does not exist in his dimension stating that Dormamu might be older than time, he is the most powerful magic user in the marvel universe.

Eternity has trapped Abraxas, captured death, he even took infinity’s place and has shaped the universe, he also merged with the infinity once.

3. Living Tribunal

living tribunal
Living Tribunal

The judge of the multiverse, Living Tribunal is more powerful than celestials, galactus, death, eternity, and infinity.

As he serves “One-Above-All”, Living Tribunal dose not have free will, he is in all the realities at the same time and he can handle them all at once.

We all know about infinity stones but did you know the living Tribunal has the ability to stop infinity stones from working, once when Adam warlock tried to use infinity stoned against the will of TLT.

2. Beyonder


Beyonder can do almost anything without any sever consequences which means Beyonder is near Omnipotence, he is a cosmic entity who can easily wrap realities, he is Omnipresence, he has the abilities to not only manipulate matter, but he can also control matter.

His abilities allow him to defeat powerful cosmic entities like Galactus very easily, he is the second most powerful being in the marvel universe after the supreme being ‘One-Above-All’

1. One-Above-All


The strongest being in the Marvel universe, the supreme being of the Marvel universe, One-Above-All, is both omnipotent and omniscient which means he can do anything without any severe consequences and he knows everything.

He is more powerful than the combined powers of Beyonder and Living Tribunal, he is also Omnipresent which means he is present everywhere at the same time, he has unlimited powers, his powers are immeasurable and incalculable.

One-Above-All is not only immortal but he also can never be killed, he also doesn’t have any weaknesses, is the God of the Marvel Universe, and is the perfect being.

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