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6 Powers Of Spider-Man That No One Knows About


Spider-Man is one of the coolest superheroes not just the MCU but in the comic world as well, regardless of being so famous Spider-Man has some secret abilities that he rarely uses, as a result very less people know about these abilities, but don’t worry we got your back. Here are 6 superpowers of Spider-Man that no one knows about:


6. Spider-Man is Resistant To All Kind Of Radiations

Since Spider-Man was bitten by a radioactive spider, it not only granted him all his superpowers but also made him invulnerable to all the radioactive radiations, which simply means that Spider-Man has no side effects when his body is exposed o these radiations.

It may not sound like much, as no one wants to go near radioactive radiation anyways but once this saved Spidey’s life from Morlun, who fed on super natural being that got their powers from animals, when Peter realized that Morlun is vulnerable to radioactive radiations, he injected himself with a lot of radioactive chemicals.

And the next time Morlun feasted on peter, Morlun died.

5. He Can Communicate With Spiders

radio active spider that bit spider-man
Radio Active Spider That Bit Spiderman

Their are plenty of Marvel superheroes who got powers from insects, but not everyone can talk to their respective insects except few like Ant-man, but can Spidey really communicate with spiders?

Originally Spider-Man’s power dose not gave him the ability to talk to spiders but after a fight between Morlun and Spider-Man, Spidey almost dies, and at the time he was also shedding his skin, soon he ended up inside a cocoon that transformed his and gave him some additional Spider capabilities.

One of those abilities was communicating with Spiders, so now he could talk to spiders just like ant-man does.

4. He Is a Genius

spider-man is smart
spiderman is smart

Peter got number of abilities after the radio active spider bit him, and you might think having a higher intellect might be one of those abilities but no, he was already a smart science student even before he became Spider-Man.

Not only that, in the comics, Reed Richards and Hank Pym have also regarded him as equally smart as they are, and in Captain America: Civil War when Spider-Man Switched to Captain America’s side he Hacked into Tony Starks device proving that Peter is as smart as tony or may be smarter.

2. He Can See In The Dark

spiderman can see in the dark
spiderman can see in the dark

Since Spider-Man lives in the New York city, the city that never sleeps, Spidey never had the need to see in the dark because of all the street lights, so he has always been fighting crimes in lights.

But once when Morlun almost killed Spider-Man and Spidey unconsciously made a cocoon around him, he actually gained some additional super powers after coming out of that cocoon.

One of that super-powers was night vision, this is also how he gained the ability to talk to spiders, once he was in a destroyed building where some citizens were stuck, Spider-Man was surprised when he realized that he can see in complete darkness, and because of his night vision he was able to save all the citizens

1. Camouflage

spider man can camouflage
spider man can camouflage

Their are may super human abilities that Spider-Man has but one of those abilities that sets him apart from other Marvel characters is ability to Camouflage with the surroundings.

Their are very less marvel superheroes who has this ability and is also a very useful super power while fighting with the enemies and on top that Spider-Man also has spider-sense that let’s him detect danger in advance.

Unlike Peter Parker, Miles Morals has the camouflaging ability, but Miles needs to practice camouflaging to completely camouflage at will.

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