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Adam Warlock Powers And Abilities (Nearly a God)


When it comes to some of the most powerful characters of the MCU, Adam Warlock will always be in that list ans after the high Evolutionary gave Adam Warlock the Soul Gem he almost became a God Like being.

Adam Warlock will debut in the MCU with the upcoming Guardian of the galaxy movie, here Top 10 Adam Warlock Powers And Abilities ranked in ascending order.

adam warlock powers and abilities
Adam Warlock Powers and Abilities

Increased Strength, Stamina, & Agility

Adam Warlock Powers And Abilities: Similar to every other superhuman, Adam Warlock has enhanced strength, stamina, and agility. These abilities are ranked at number 10 on this list because they are required for a person to be classified as a superhuman and are shared by the majority of MARVEL characters.

Adam Warlock’s baseline powers are enough to keep him among the elites, Increased Strength, Stamina, & Agility means he is great at hand-to-hand combat, which he does not actually have to worry about because he was literally created to be a God, a perfect being.

Ability to fly

Adam Warlock Powers And Abilities: This ability might not look very impressive at first as many other characters also have the ability to flay, but this is where things get interesting, Adam Warlock constantly stores and converts cosmic energy enabling him to fly even in the outer space and he can also fly at more than speed of light.

Adam Warlock can fly as much he wants without resting because he is a living solar collector, which means he constantly keeps converting cosmic energy for his benefit.

Ability to Teleport

Adam Warlock Powers And Abilities: Very few MARVEL characters have this capability including Adam Warlock, Adam Warlock can teleport tp furthest distance within a split second, do not forget that he can also fly in space faster than the speed of light, this combined with the ability to teleport make him an extremely quick opponent.

Thanos had to use space stone to teleport himself, Asguardians use bifrost, and Zeus used his weapon but Adam Warlock has the ability to transport inside him, he dose not has to rely upon some external force to do so which gives him an upper hand against most of the superheroes and villains.

adam warlock: hero
adam warlock: hero

Cosmic Awareness

Adam Warlock Powers And Abilities: Ayesha created Adam Warlock in order to destroy Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Adam Warlock is so knowledgeable of the cosmos that he is almost like a deity. His ability to perceive cosmic and mystic events from almost anyplace in the cosmos enables him to identify the presence of wormholes and other cosmic phenomena. He is also able to make them.

Soul Immunity

Adam Warlock Powers And Abilities: There are few badder than Mephisto, and Adam Warlock has faced the biggest and the baddest. Adam is imprisoned in Hell and battles Mephisto there in Adam Warlock / Silver Surfer: Resurrection. And Adam triumphs.

Adam can execute exorcisms with the help of the Soul Gem (you never know when that will come in useful), and he is generally immune to any and all attacks on his soul from any foes who are inclined to use magic. He has the ability to rip souls from the bodies of others.

The Soul World

Adam Warlock Powers And Abilities: As the holders of soul gem Adam Warlock has access to Soul World, he can get in and out of the Soul World whenever he wants, Soul World is a infinite place for lost souls.

In Avengers infinity we saw Thanos going into the Soul World and meeting young Gamora, although this scene is not explained yet, it is speculated that MARVEL will use Adam Warlock to explain how and why did Thanos ended up in the Soul World after snapping.

Manipulate Matter

Adam Warlock powers And Abilities: Matter Manipulation is the power not everyone in the MCU has, very few character has this power, basically Matter manipulation means Adam Warlock can convert any matter into any thing he wants, like he can convert a parachute into thin air which might not be good for the other guy but it does give Adam a lot of advantage against his opponent.

This is one of the very important powers of Adam Warlock and till now only MCU character that can manipulate matter is Scarlett Witch.

Projecting Energy

Adam Warlock Powers And Abilities: Adam Warlock can not only manipulate matter but he can also manipulate energy which allows him to attack with energy blast, he can fly faster than the speed of light and can use his energy blast while doing so, that never ends very good for his opponents.

His energy blasts are not like Iron-Man’s energy blasts shown in the MCU, he can seriously annihilate his opponents with his energy blasts if has not already defeated his opponent with his fists, since he can manipulate energy this means he can also make shields using the energy.

adam warlock
Adam Warlock

The Cocoon

Adam Warlock Powers And Abilities: Adam Warlock has two key skills that negate the effect of any damage done to him, even if someone were to have the upper hand—which has been known to happen.

One of his distinguishing talents is the first. Adam Warlock has the ability to enter a unique regenerating cocoon when harmed or weak.

If he only needs a moment to relax, this can also act as a huge tranquillizer. It is believed that a post-credits sequence from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 featured a variation of this cocoon.

He Is Immortal

Adam Warlock Powers And Abilities: The regeneration cocoon is quite cool, but it’s not really essential. Every time he uses it, he changes and gains new abilities.

Even if he were to be murdered, it would not matter. He is immortal. Adam Warlock’s link to the Soul Gem makes it so that Death is unable to take possession of his soul, as was revealed during the events of The Infinity Revelation narrative.

He is effectively immortalized as a result. Adam Warlock can never be vanquished because his spirit just reincarnates and his body can heal any wound.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer

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