7 Abilities That Make Ant-Man The Strongest Avenger 2023

7 Abilities That Make Ant-Man The Strongest Avenger


In the MCU Ant-Man might seems to be a funny character who sometime gets very big and has to eat lemon so he doesn’t puke after shrinking back to his normal size, but his abilities actually make him so powerful that he can defeat all the Avengers.

ant-man with the ant army

In Captain America: Civil War when Ant-Man became a giant man it took the collective efforts of Spider-Man (in an advanced suit), war machine, and Iron-man just to knock down Ant-man, and the best part is, it was the first time Ant-Man became that big, so he had no experience fighting while being a giant.

It was more of a funny and humorous fight but it shows how strong and powerful Ant-man actually is, here are 7 Ant-man powers and abilities that makes him the strongest Avenger:

Travel Through Time And Space

Ant-Man Shrink and become so small that he can enter the quantum realms where the laws of time and space dose not exist as shown in the MCU the wife of hank Pym, Janet van Dyne had to disable her regulator so that so can constantly shrink into the infinite space of quantum realm in order to disarm a Soviet ICBM missile.

This shows that quantum realm is a untapped source of unlimited power where the concept of Space and time dose not exist, this gives the user to travel through time and teleport in space whenever the user wants.

The ability to travel through time and space are some of the most important abilities for a superhero, as even Avengers had to use time travel to defeat Thanos in the Endgame.

Control Not Just Ants But All Insects

In movies Ant-Man is shown to be able to talk and order ants to do whatever he wish to do but the ability to Ant-Man’s ability to control insect is not just limited to ants he can control every insect.

This power might not seem to be as important in a fight but Morbius also has a similar ability as he can control bats, and this ability helped Morbius defeat Loxias Crown in the MCU.

Imagine Ant-Man ordering All the insects on earth to eat his opponent, that would be extremely brutal, well he could have done this with Thanos as well, but then we would not be able to witness the epic battle that made the Endgame second-highest-grossing movie of all time.

Change the Size of his Opponent

We all know that Pym Particles allows him to change his size but did you know that while he is changing his size anything he touches or anything within his reduction field will also change its size? Yes he could have, again, made Thanos smaller with him and then killing him would have been easier.

But just like the previous one, this is also a plot hole in the movie that no one talks about.

ant-man in the civil war

Change His Size

Now this should not come as a shocker to anyone because this is literally what Ant-Man has been doing in all the movies but the amazing part is even if he becomes small he can punch, kick, push and do everything with the same powers as if he was big.

And when he becomes a Giant-Man he also has enhanced strength, it like he turns into a Hulk when he becomes big but his speed suffers as the his mass and density increases.

Supreme Scientific Knowledge

The Ant-Man suit is a reality-altering uniform that transcends the boundaries of science to push society to new extremes, as Hank Pym so hilariously informs Scott Lang in Ant-Man. “It’s not some cute tech like the Iron Man suit,” he says.

Hank Pym goes over those bounds in the Mighty Avengers comic book storyline “The Unspoken.” He becomes so big that he crosses over into Overspace, an abstract realm. He encounters the embodiment of Eternity there, who informs him that he is the supreme scientist of Earth.

Pym is one of the most super-intelligent characters in the universe due to his use of cutting-edge scientific discoveries to access otherwise unattainable powers, such as the ability to shrink his body to subatomic dimensions.

Enhanced Durability

When Ant-Man Becomes a Giant-Man his effort, exertion, mass & density goes up as well which makes his body more durable, and he gets super hum strength too.

This ability of Ant-Man was a big asset for Captain America in the movie ‘Captain America Civil War’ and after Scott became a giant it was very difficult to defeat Ant-Man.

Talk To Gods

Ant-Man has unfathomable potential to become one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel canon, despite the fact that he may not appear to be one in the MCU. This is in part due to his access to various planes of existence.

The Overspace is one of the most important of these, but it can only be reached by the Avenger using Pym Particles to grow to incredible heights.

Hank Pym was punched in the stomach when he first encountered Eternity to symbolize how the world had treated him. The omniscient power also gave him a specific assignment, telling him that he would be in charge of a future team of new Avengers.

Ant-Man Once Defeated The Entire Avengers Team

All the above abilities are enough to defeat Avengers which makes him the strongest Avenger, and he has even defeated the Avengers once in the comics (Avengers #161).

When Ant-Man launched a attack against the entire team, which shocked scarlet witch, vision and Captain America, Pym used is super human strength and an army of insects to attack them.

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