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Aquaman 2 Will Release On Christmas 2023


2022 is becoming not so very good year for DC as they have delayed 2 of their movies this year, the first one is Aquaman 2.

Aquaman 2 is delayed again, previously it was delayed to 17 March 2023, and was being released with ‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods’ but now it is delayed again for 9 months, and will be released on 17th march 2023.

aquaman 2 new release date
aquaman 2 new release date

This is not a very good news for DCEU fans as Aquaman was one of the highest anticipated movies of DC and it is being delayed again and again.

One of the major reasons for the delays of Aquaman was Amber Heard losing a civil case against her ex-husband.

And now the post-production team needs a little more time as it is not finished yet, suggesting that their were some major changes made in the film after Amber heard lost the case.

Anyways whatever the reason is, for now it is confirmed that the Aquaman 2 will be releasing on Christmas 2023.

Aquaman 1 did a total box office collection of $335,061,807, and is the 6th highest grossing film release by DC after Joker and highest grossing DC movie is ‘The Dark Knight’ with the life time gross of $533,345,358.

Is Amber heard casted In Aquaman 2 ?

Despite majority of fans wanting her out of the movi she is in the movie, directors of aquaman has confirmed that Amber heard (mera) will be casted in Aquaman 2.

But her role screen time is going to be very minimal, Amber heard will only get a 20min of screen time in Aquaman 2, she will play the role of pregnant mera.

This might be the major change that the directors made after the amber heard lost the civil case against her ex-husband.

As publicly is demand her out of the movie, directors had tried their best he listens to fans, but removing her from the entire movie is kind of very difficult given that most of the movie was already shot.

Aquaman 2 Cast

Jason MomoaArthur
Amber HeardMera
Willem DafoeVulko
VulkoKing Orm
Nicole KidmanAtlanna
Dolph LundgrenKing Nereus
Yahya Abdul-Mateen IIManta
Temuera MorrisonTom Curry
Ludi LinCaptain Murk
Michael BeachJesse (Manta’s Father)
Randall ParkDr. Stephen Shin
Leigh WhannellCargo Pilot
Graham McTavishKing Atlan
Andrew CrawfordBrine King & King Ricou
Sophia ForrestFisherman Princess
Natalia SafranQueen Rina
Micah OhlmanNewscaster (as Micah D. Ohlman)
Jack AndrewMike (Bully)
Sophia Emberson-BainTour Guide (Aquarium)
Ilya MelnikoffSubmarine Captain
Hank AmosSubmarine Pirate

Shazam, Fury Of the Gods Is Also Delayed

Shazam Fury of the Gods is also delayed and now it will be release on 17th March 2023, previously Shazam 2 was set to be released on 21st december 2022.

So far 2022 is not a very good year foe DCEU as they have been delaying their movies a lot, we hope DC does not delay Black Adam as well, as it has the potential to be one of the biggest films of DC and fans are vey exited for this one.

The release date of Shazam 2 could be because of the movie ‘Avatar 2’ which is going to be released on 16th December 2022, which is a week before the orignal release date of Shazam, fury of the Gods.

As Avatar is the highest grossing movies of all time, it could be good decision be postpone Shazam 2 as the first part of Shazam did not do very well.

Anyways this December is going to be a very good month because 2 of the biggest movies are going to be release in December, Black Adam and Avatar 2.

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