Avatar 2 Review: 5 Things To Know Before Watching The Film

Avatar 2 Review: 5 Things To Know Before Watching The Film


With Avatar 2 James Cameron has once again proved that he knows how to push the limits of what cinema can do, Today we will give you Avatar 2 Review while also telling you about 5 important things to keep in mind while watching the film.

avatar 2 review
Avatar 2 Review

Avatar 2 Review (No Spoilers)

If you liked the 2009’s Avatar then you will like this movie even more, Avatar: The Way Of Water is filled with emotions just like the first part so hold you tears while watching the film, the CGI is better, if you have seen the re-release of Avatar 1 where the visuals of the film was made better, then let me tell you that the CGI looks better than the re-released version.

The action sequences are similar to that of 1st part but since it is around water, it will look really impressive, and did you know that Avatar 2 is the first film ever to be shot primarily under water.

Although the movie’s hero is an alien and the villains are humans, we still want the best for aliens and the worst for humans, isn’t that odd? James Cameron did a fantastic job of evoking the audience’s connection to the character.

How was the story?

Avatar 2 Review: The story of the film is similar to that that of the previous installment yet different, actually James Cameron has planned 5 parts of the film, with every part we will be introduced to different regions of the Pandora, in the first part of Avatar we explored the jungles of Pandora, with Avatar 2 we will explore the oceans of the Pandora, hence the name ‘The Way Of Water’.

The movie explores how the people of Pandora have adapted living around water and their connection with sea creatures, the interesting part of the film is ‘Kiri’ the adopted daughter of Jake and Neytiri, she was born from the Avatar of Grace Augustine, she is different than everyone else as she can talk indirectly to Evwa.

Avatar 2 Review: The humans are back and this time they want to kill the leader, Jake Sully, and the war between them is bought into the oceans not just that but Colonel Quaritch is also back in a Avatar form and this time he won’t stop until he takes his revenge.

avatar 2 box office collection
Avatar 2 Review

Things To Know Before Watching Avatar 2

Avatar 2 Review: If you haven’t seen the first part of Avatar, you will still understand the full movies but their are certain things to know before watching the film which will make your experience even better.

1. How is Miles Quaritch alive?

In the 2009’s Avatar we saw Neytiri killing Miles Quaritch and ending the war, but in Avatar 2 he is coming back but this time in its Avatar form, actually Colonel Quaritch was already prepared for his death, RDA has already made his Avatar and before he died he was transferred into his Avatar body, but how did they do it? this question will be answered in Avatar 3.

2. How Kiri was born

Kiri is not the main focus of the film but their is one thing vey interesting about her, and that is her ability to indirectly talk to Eywa, how did she got her super powers is a very complicated question to answer, their could be many possibilities.

Avatar 2 Review: The movies did not cleared how she was born, Kiri was actually born from the avatar of Doctor Grace Augustine, but who was her father is not answered in the film.

3. The 3D Version of the film

There is something special about the 3D version of the film, actually James Cameron in an interview said that the 3D version of Avatar 2 is going to be something no one has experienced on the screen, it is going to look better than any 3D film ever released.

4. Avatar 2 Will Explore The Oceans Of Pandora

With Avatar 2 the directors of the film decided to explore the oceans of the Pandora, the movie will take some time showing the audiences how the oceans of Pandora is and how people live in it with the sea creatures, and their bond.

5. The Basic Story Is The Same

In the first part of Avatar, humans were exploiting Pandora and the Navi tribe fought against the humans in the Avatar 2 the base of the story is exactly same, humans want something that belong to Pandora and the people of Pandora starts a war against them but his time its in oceans and a lot of other things are also happening that will set up the story for Avatar 3 aka Avatar: The Seed Bearer

This was the Avatar 2 Review if you want to know about Avatar 3 then you can check out our next article.

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