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Avatar 2 World Wide Box-Office Collection


Avatar 2 Box Office Collection: Avatar The Way of Water is a film directed by James Cameron, Released on 16th December 2022, among movies like avatar 1, terminator, Titanic etc. , Avatar 2 is one of the finest works of James Cameron.

avatar 2 box office collection
Avatar 2 box office collection

With Avatar 2, Cameron has pushed the limits of what cinema can do, and the 3D of Avatar 2 is amongst one of the best 3D movies ever made.

No wonder why Avatar is earning So much World wide, a reminder that 2009’s Avatar is still the highest grossing movies of all time with a world wide box office collection of $2.9 billion, the Avatar was also re-released on September 2022 and made $30.1 million in its first week.

Can Avatar 2 break the record of Avengers Endgame

Avengers Endgame is the second highest grossing movie of all time coming after 2009’s Avatar, Endgame made a total of $2.7 billion followed by Titanic that made $2.2 billion.

Beating Avengers Endgame is very difficult for Avatar 2 because, the reason why 2009 Avatar did so well is majorly because of its ahead of time CGI, but in 2022 movies like Endgame, Star wars etc. has amazing CGI, and its not new to people as it was in 2009.

tulkun the sea creature in tulkun in avatar 2
Tulkun in Avatar 2

Although it is very unlikely, but Avatar 2 still holds the potential to break Avengers: endgame’s record as the 3D of Avatar 2 is just otherworldly, and no one has seen this type of CGI and 3D underwater, so that’s a unique fact.

And as usual, the movie was not predictable and the story was astonishing, as James Cameron once again did an amazing job, you should experience this movie in the theater as watching it elsewhere is missing out on a futuristic journey.

How Much Would Avatar 2 Make?

Given the fact that 2009’s Avatar made $2.9 billion and the current film is doing so good, we can predict that Avatar 2 will cross the $2 Billion mark, and can also beat Titanic which made $2.2 billion. Did you know that James Cameron actually made his own camera for filming under water as their was no tech available that did what James wanted.


James Cameron also explored the Mariana Trench himself, so that he could be more realistic with the film and the movie will also show how humans and their act is polluting the environment.

The reason why Avatar 2 is mostly under water is because James Cameron is also a deep sea explorer and that’s why he was interested in making Titanic and he is also a environmentalist, which which his movies also shows a lot of environmental problems humans create.

Avatar 3: The Seed Bearer Prediction

When the humans fled the planet at the end of Avatar 1, Jake and Neytiri adopted a human infant whose name was “Spider,” and this child will be the centre of attention of the entire movie.

Jake wishes to transfer Spider into a new avatar’s body that Jake and Spider have been seeing; however, the body is in the RDA-occupied jungle. Spider’s face was originally shown in the Avatar 2: The Way of Water trailer.

james cameron
james cameron

Because Spider is Jake and Neytiri’s adopted human son, they want to keep him with them, but the plot twist is that RDA also wants to bring him to their home planet, “Earth.” This is where the fight begins.

Since “spider” is a human, he is not meant for Pandora, and he must accept the hard truth that Earth, not Pandora, is where he belongs.

The fourth and probably final Avatar film will be called “Avatar: The Tulkun Rider,” and it will be released on December 18, 2026. “Avatar: The Quest for Eywa,” meantime, is scheduled to be released on December 22, 2028.

Avatar 2 World Wide Box Office Collection

The film has bowed in a total of 44 international markets ,Avatar 2 earned an estimated Box office collection of $134 million, which is slightly less than expected, but still more than Top Gun: Maverick made its first weekend domestically ($127 million). International markets gave the film $301 million, serving up a grand total of $435 million in first weekend box office.

Avatar 2 has grossed a whopping $2.116 billion at the global box office as of Sunday the 7th. Domestic collections contribute $620.58 million, while international circuits contribute $1.496 billion. The film has now surpassed Titanic’s lifetime worldwide gross of $2.194 billion.

Do you remember Avatar 1? play this quiz to find out how much do you remember the 2009’s Avatar: Avatar Movie Quiz

Avatar 2 Official Trailer

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