Avatar 3, 4 & 5 New Release Dates and Plot - March 2023

Avatar 3, 4 & 5 New Release Dates and Plot


Avatar 3, 4 & 5 Release Dates: After the initial release of Avatar, the sequel took 13 years and Avatar 2 is finally being released on 26th December 2022, and the best part is that the directors have confirmed the dates of Next Avatar movies.

avatar 3 4 5 release dates
avatar 3 4 5 release dates

Avatar 1 is still the highest grossing movies of all time, and with Avatar 2, a.k.a. ‘Avatar: The Way Of Water’ James Cameron will try to break is own record, but our prediction is that Avatar 2 will cross the $ 2Billion mark again.

The directors have also confirmed the name of the all upcoming Avatar films, Avatar 3 is named Avatar: The Seed Bearer, Avatar 4 is named, Avatar: The Tulkun Rider, and Avatar 5 is named, Avatar: The Quest For Eywa.

Release Dates For Avatar 3, 4 & 5

  • Avatar 3: The Seed Bearer is set to be released on 20th December 2024, 2 years after the Avatar 2 is released.
  • Avatar 4: The Tulkun Rider will hit the theaters on 18th of December 2026.
  • Avatar 5: The Quest For Eywa will be released on 22nd December 2028.

Avatar 3 (Avatar: The Seed Bearer) Plot

spider in avatar 3
Spider in Avatar 3

Avatar The seed bearer is going to be all about the Jake and Neytiri adopted human son ‘Spider’ who is raised with Na’vi and his Avatar body is ready but the twist is that his the avatar is with RDA, who has again occupied a part of Jungle.

Another problem they face is that RDA wants Kiri, the adopted daughter of Jake and Neytiri, RDA also wants to take Spider to earth where he belongs.

It is going to be really hard for Spider to realize that his destiny is not Pandora.

Avatar 4 (Avatar: The Tulkun Rider) Plot

tulkun the sea creature

For past 6 years Jake’s family was away from the jungle, back home Neteyam, the oldest son of Jake and neytiri is now ready to become the member of Omaticaya clan (on land) , and Lo’ak the second oldest son of Jake is also grown enough to realize that his place is among Metkayina clan (in water) with Tulkun riders.

Tsireya, who is the daughter of the leader of Metkayina clan, and Lo’ak like each other, this is one more reason why Lo’ak wants to be with Tulkun riders, but he will have to make a very tough decision because if he becomes a Tulkun rider it would mean he will rarely be able to meet his family.

Avatar 5 (Avatar: The Quest for Eywa) Plot

omaticaya clan
Omaticaya clan

Untill now Miles Quaritch, the Colonel was doing everything he can to fix the way the Na’v’i looks at him, he is trying his best to change the influence he had on them, and it can be seen in the relationship between Miles and Kiri, who is one of the mute woman of Omaticaya clan.

But this is all his plan to get the information out, but unfortunately for him he is falling in love with her and Na’vi people, exactly what he hates to become, just like Jake in 2009’s Avatar, it is going to be very hard for Kiri to realize that miles id just playing with his feeling in order to get out the information.

What James Cameron has To Say

james cameron
james cameron

James Cameron in a recent interview said, it is impossible to predict the story of Avatar: The way Of Water, as he is a very intelligent director he will definitely make some major changes in the plot and the story so that the movie still remains exciting and unpredictable.

The Plot predicted above is not going to be 100% right as James Cameron will change the Plot And the story, especially the ending of every film might change to, we did not predict the ending but rather just the plot of the story.

Avatar 2 Official Trailer

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