What Avatar 3 Will Be All About? Story, Cast & Release date

Avatar 3 Release Date, Story, Cast & Everything We Know So Far


Avatar 1 was the highest-grossing movie of all time with a worldwide earning of $2.91 billion, Avatar 2 was the most expensive film ever with a budget of $350million- $400million, Every time James Cameron Comes with an Avatar film he makes it big.

This raises the question of whether Avatar 3 aka Avatar: The Seed Bearer will be big as well. Here is everything we know about Avatar 3 so far.

avatar 3 4 5 release dates
Avatar 3 4 5 release dates

Avatar 3 Will be all About ‘Spider’

If you’ve seen Avatar 2 then you will know who spider is but if you don’t know, spider is the adopted human child of Jake and Neytiri who grew up with the Na’vi tribe in Pandora and the shocking part is that he is the real son of Colonel Miles Quaritch, the commander of RDA security.

Avatar 3 will be all about Spider as Colonel Quaritch will want his son to be with him and come back on the planet earth with him, but Spider will want to stay with Na’vi tribe as he wants to be like one of them.

Spider will also have his own Avatar but it will be with the RDA, the movie will revolve around Jake and Spider trying to get Spider’s Avatar and trying to permanently shift his consciousness into his Avatar meanwhile Quaritch trying to get his son back and send him on earth.

We will also see the back story when Quaritch came on Pandora for his mission and hade Spider and what actually happened to Jake’s brother and how he died, a lot of secrets will unfold in Avatar 3.

Cast Of Avatar: The Seed Bearer

Zoe SaldanaNeytiri
Michelle YeohDr. Karina Mogue
Sam WorthingtonJake Sully
Kate WinsletRonal
Sigourney WeaverKiri
Oona ChaplinVarang
Jemaine ClementDr. Ian Garvin
Stephen LangMiles Quaritch
Giovanni RibisiParker Selfridge
Edie FalcoGeneral Frances Ardmore
Cliff CurtisTonowari
Chloe ColemanYoung Lo’ak
CCH PounderMo’at
Joel David MooreNorm Spellman
Bailey BassTsireya
Jamie FlattersNeteyam
Keston JohnVa’ru
Matt GeraldCorporal Lyle Wainfleet

Avatar 3 Release Date

In a interview with Total Film Magazine the director of the film, James Cameron said if Avatar 2 dose not performs well then or performs below expectations than Avatar 3 would become the last film, but Avatar 3 performed very well so this doubt is out of the option.

Avatar 3 is planned to be released on 20th December, the release date of Avatar 4 and Avatar 5 are also announced to be on 18 December 2026 and 22 December 2028 respectively.

If you want to know about the story and names of Avatar 4 and Avatar 5 you can check out our previous article.

avatar 2 shooting
Avatar 2 shooting

Budget of the film

The budget of all the movies are predefined to be $250 million which means the Avatar series was planned to be made in $750 million but in Avatar 2 more budget was added which is a signal that the budget of the sequels might change.

As no information regarding the budget is disclosed we are assuming that the budget of the movies remains $ 250 million.

Every part of the Avatar series is an independent film

One of the most interesting fact of the film that James Cameron disclosed was that even you haven’t seen the first part of Avatar you can still enjoy the Avatar 3, all the movies of Avatar series will be independent of its previous parts, Avatar is the first successful film series to do so.

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