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Black Panther 2 Wakanda Forever Movie Review


Before giving the Black panther Wakanda Forever movie review you should note that Black Panther 2 trailer got 172 Million views in the initial 24 hours across all platforms as per Variety, this puts Black Panther 2 among some of the most successful trailers of MCU ever.

black panther 2 movie review
Black Panther 2 Movie Review

This shows that people were already excited to see what will happen in Black Panther Wakanda Forever, thanks to Chadwick Boseman’s heart winning acting that connected general public to the new superhero.

One more reason why fans were curious about the black panther 2 trailer was, the unfortunate event with Chadwick Boseman (who played Black Panther), uncertainly he passed away due to cancer, so fans were also curious about, who will play the new Black panther or is he going to be CGI?

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Black Panther 2 Cast

Tenoch Huerta Namor
Michael B. JordanErik Killmonger
Letitia Wright Shuri
Angela Bassett Ramonda
Dominique Thorne Ironheart
Mitzi Mabel Cadena Namora
Daniel Kaluuya W’Kabi
Michaela Coel Aneka
Danai Gurira Okoye
Jarrell Pyro Johnson Jabari Warrior
Lupita Nyong’o Nakia
Winston Duke M’Baku
Dorothy Steel Merchant Tribe Eld
Alex Livinalli Attuma
Florence Kasumba Ayo
Martin Freeman Everett K. Ross
María Mercedes Coroy
Gigi Bermingham French Secretary of State
Isaach de Bankolé River Tribe Elder

Michael B. Jordan Returns As Killmonger

Killmonger was the brother of T’Challa a.k.a. black panther, T’Challa’s father killed Killmonger’s father when he was just a kid and left Killmonger with his dead father because his father was sharing Wakanda’s technology with the world and the king of Wakanda did not wanted that to happen, eventually Killmonger challenges T’Challa for the throne and T’Challa defeats Killmonger by killing him.

But in Black panther 2 Killmonger returns in the film to the Wakandan Ancestral Plane, a place where the souls settle after their death, since Killmonger did became the king of the Wakanda for a temporary period and ingested the heart-shaped herb, his soul also settles in the Ancestral Plane a.k.a. Astral Dimension.

shuri in black panther 2
Shuri in Black Panther 2

Shuri Is The New Black Panther

Marvel wanted to pay respect to the leading actor Chadwick Boseman after his death, so in the film, Black panther 2, the directors could have changed the actor after the death of the original actor but they did not do so.

Rather they changed the script and the movie starts with the King being died due to cancer, showing that even after being so advance in technological and medical science Wakanda could not save their king from cancer.

After the death of the King the villain of the movie, Namor arrives in Wakanda to take over Wakanda in the absence of the King but Shuri takes the responsibility of the Wakanda as after the death of Killmonger and T’Challa, the throne belongs to Shuri as she is the last decedent of the King.

As expected the action sequences of the movie is otherworldly, Shuri nailed it, as she is the new Black panther, the queen of the Wakanda.

Iron Heart In Black Panther 2

Iron-Heart has debut with Black Panther 2, she is actually a fan of Tony Stark, and is a very intelligent girl, Shuri invites her to help them to fight the atlanteans, and helps her build her Iron-Heartsuit.

Some might think she is the new Iron-man but she is completely different from him, she is more like peter Parker, Iron-heart will have a solo TV Show which will premiere in the fall of 2023, she built her first suit Mark I in Black Panther which is slightly bigger than what is shown in comics but eventually she will built a more sleek suit, potentially in the Iron Heart TV Show.

The Villain Of The Movie Is Actually Very Strong

Namor is the Villain of the film, this was already revealed in the Black Panther 2 trailer, after watching the film one this is sure, Namor is crazy strong specially under water, in the movie Black Panther the 2 he was compared to Hulk when in water.

With Namor MCU has introduced one more character who is very strong, and the film also examines Namor’s origin, including how he was born and how his family came to be associated with Atlantis. Despite this, the origin story in the MCU differs slightly from the origin story in the comics.

The Post Credit Scene

The post-credit scene actually establishes the plot of the upcoming Black Panther film, and this confirms that sooner or later, directors will begin production on Black Panther 3. We won’t reveal anything major before you watch the film.

So don’t leave the theater after the movie is finished, if you are an MCU fan then wait for the post-credit scene of the film, there is something special about Wakanda that very few people in the MCU knows about.

Black panther 2 Trailer

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