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Can Kang the Conqueror Beat Thanos?


Kang the conqueror: We all saw the fight between Avengers and Thanos in the end-game as well as in the infinity war and it is clear that Thanos does not need the infinity stones to defeat the ‘Avengers’, but is the new MCU villain Kang the conqueror beat Thanos With Infinity stones?

kang the conquerer v/s thanos
Kang the conqueror V/S Thanos

How Powerful is Thanos?

The Mad Titan defeated Thor, Hulk, Iron-man, dr. strange, Spider-man, Guardians of the galaxy, Captian America, not just that he defeated Iron-Man, Captian America, and Thor together that too without the infinity stones, and almost killed them all.

Thanos is a very polished fighter as he used to be a soldier and since he cannot die of age, he had a pretty long time practicing how to fight and becoming extremely good at hand-to-hand combat.

So even without the infinity gauntlet, Thanos was a very hard opponent to defeat, but can Thanos with the infinity Gauntlet defeat Kang the conqueror ? Before answering that question let’s learn about the powers of Kang.

Powers Of Kang The conqueror

TBH Kang does not have any superhuman abilities or superpowers, the only kind of superhuman power he has is traveling through time (he has a time machine) and his knowledge (which is not exactly a superpower).

Since he can travel anywhere in time and has very high intelligence, he is almost unbeatable as he already knows what is going to happen next, and is already prepared for that.

He can change the timeline according to the outcome he wants, for example:

If Kang the conqueror does not like the way how 2023 was ended then he can go back in time, and make some tiny adjustments in the timeline which will now create one more timeline with a different ending or the ending Kang wants.

And this is how he can win every battle and he can potentially win battles without even fighting them.

Not just that Kang the conqueror also has advanced weaponry from the future and armor (from the future) that does what he thinks.

And even if someone anyhow managed to defeat him, he has unlimited versions of himself who will come again and these versions will know exactly what happened before so that they don’t make the same mistakes.

Kang Is a Bigger Villain Than Thanos?

Now, as you know the superpowers of both the MCU villains, it is clear that Thanos was a very difficult villain to defeat, it took Avengers 2 movies to defeat him but a villain like Kang, who already knows each and everything about a specific timeline and is prepared for every minor incident, is almost unbeatable.

To defeat Kang, Avengers will need to travel through time or space or reality or all three of these multiple times, which will become easier for Avengers after the movie ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’.

And it is fair to say that Kang Is a Bigger Villain Than Thanos because if he is not then Kang will travel back in time and he will make sure that he is.

Can Kang Defeat Thanos?

In a Hand to hand combat, Thanos will destroy Kang the conqueror but if Kang decided to defeat Thanos then this is one of the things he can do:

Kang will make micro changes in the past (or even bigger changes if needed) in such a way that in the newly created timeline, someone stronger than Thanos kills Thanos or a team like Avengers kills Thanos, this way Kang will not have to fight Thanos and he will win the fight without even fighting him.

So this way, maybe Kang already defeated Thanos but we just don’t know yet.

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