Avatar 3: General Quaritch Will Become a Hero (Eventually!)

Avatar 3: General Quaritch Will Become a Hero (Eventually!)


The Villain of Avatar 1 and Avatar 2, General Quaritch works for the RDA (Resources Development Administration) which, as a single entity, is the biggest non-governmental organization in space. Its might exceeds that of the majority of Earth countries in terms of resources, political clout, and military prowess.

general quaritch
General Quaritch

But in reality the villain of the entire Avatar series is the RDA, General Quaritch is just a individual that commands the military of RDA.

At the end of Avatar 1 Neytiri killed General Quaritch with his Bow and arrow that her father gave her before he died, in Avatar 2 we saw General Quaritch return as a Navi, somehow RDA transferred his consciousness into a his Navi body, how did they do it? well in Avatar 3 we will get that answer, but right now Quaritch is in his journey to becoming a hero.

James Cameron Has Planned 5 Avatar films

Before James Cameron even began the shooting of the film he wrote a book on Pandora, and described everything in that book so that when it’s time to make the movie he has something to refer to.

He planned 5 parts of the films and has not only confirmed the names of the movie but also their release dates, which are as follows:

  • Avatar 1 was released on 18 December 2009.
  • Avatar 2: The Way Of Water was released on 16 December 2022.
  • Avatar 3: The Seed Bearer is set to be released on 20th December 2024, 2 years after the Avatar 2 is released.
  • Avatar 4: The Tulkun Rider will hit the theaters on 18th of December 2026.
  • Avatar 5: The Quest For Eywa will be released on 22nd December 2028

In Avatar 1 we saw how Jake Sully joined RDA and went on a mission for helping RDA exploiting the Navi’s, he initially wanted to win the trust of Navi’s and then wanted to give information regarding Eywa to the RDA, but eventually he falls in love with the people of Pandora and helps them to fight against humans.

general quaritch's son - spider
General Quaritch’s Son – Spider

General Quaritch Will Become a Hero Too

Quaritch was shown to have permanently switched to his Avatar’s body in the Avatar: The Way Of Water. He was also seen smashing the skull of his human body, making it clear that he was unable to switch back to his human body.

General Quaritch will go through the same things as Jake Sully, but it will take him more than that for him to begin to like the people of Pandora. In the movie, in order to kill Jake Sully, he wanted to learn how to be a Na’vi for that he starts going through things that Jake Sully went through (going through this process was exactly how Jake Sully started caring about Na’vi tribe).

In the Story of Pandora General Quaritch tries to win the trust of people of Pandora so that he can smuggle the important information to the RDA but he eventually starts liking the the tribe as like Jake Sully he also falls in love with one of the member of Navi’s.

This way he also walks the same path that Jake Sully (person he hates the most) went through, Spider who is Quaritch’s son also gets his own Avatar body.

General Quaritch won’t pass away, at least not until the release of the final Avatar film, Avatar: The Quest for Eywa, if the plot plays out exactly as it does in the book.

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