Is Smart Hulk a Better Avenger Than The Normal Hulk?

Is Smart Hulk a Better Avenger Than The Normal Hulk?


Professor Hulk has always been a versatile and powerful character in the Marvel Comics Universe.

He has the strength of a Hulk and the intelligence of a scientist, making him one of the most formidable characters in the Marvel Universe.

But in Avengers: Endgame, this character has taken a major turn in the MCU. It appears that the smart hulk in the MCU seems to be weaker than the previous versions of the Hulk, but is he weaker overall or is he just weaker in strength?

smart hulk / professor hulk
Smart Hulk / Professor Hulk

Thanos Vs Hulk

We all were surprised when we saw Thanos fighting Hulk as Thanos literally picked him up and demolished him to the point that hulk was too embarrassed to come out again.

So, if it was all about strength then hulk would have lasted longer, but he didn’t, this concludes that hulk does require some level of intelligence to fight better and to have more chances of winning the battle against stronger enemies.

Hulk’s Anger Makes Him Stronger

The angrier Hulk gets the stronger and more aggressive he becomes and this is one of the biggest disadvantages of Professor Hulk or smart hulk, he just doesn’t seem to get angry, which dose not allows him to use his greatest superpower ‘aggression’.

So if a superhero cant use his greatest super powers then he cannot unlock his true potential, this means the smart hulk is weaker than before.

But Hulk Is More Intelligent Than Before

Talking about strength, hulk might not be able to use his full potential but he is also more intelligent than before, now hulk is in full control, he can use his intelligence in fights, and he can have more strategic fights that ever before.

All these factors will lead to having more chances of winning the battles than before, and for sure he is weaker than before but he is still hulk, he is still very strong and now he is paired with the intelligence of a scientist.

smart hulk v/s normal hulk
Smart Hulk v/s Normal Hulk

Smart Hulk v/s Normal Hulk, Who Would Win?

At this point we all know that normal hulk is stronger than the smart hulk and smart hulk is more intelligent than the normal hulk so both have one advantage over each other.

  1. Smart hulk can use different strategies to beat normal hulk and normal hulk can use his brute strength to beat smart hulk.
  2. Smart hulk will be more prepared for the fight as he knows he can’t beat the normal hulk by just using his strength.
  3. Smart hulk can use more complicated and more damaging weapon against the normal hulk but the normal hulk might not know how to use those weapons.
  4. Smart hulk will still be a difficult opponent for normal hulk to beat as smart hulk is still a ‘hulk’, he still have a lot of strength.
  5. So, there is a pretty equal chance for both to win the fight and in different situations, different versions of hulk would win.


Strength wise smart hulk is weaker than before as he can not get angry like before which will not allow him to unlock his true strength potential, but at the same time, he has a new superpower which is the “intelligence of a scientist” which can balance out his loss of strength and might even make him better in winning fights.

And if he can win more fights using his intelligence then that is a much better hulk overall, for the Avengers, but for the MCU audience who likes to watch hulk in action, it might not be very exciting to watch him fight without his brutal strength.

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