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Kang The Conqueror Powers And Abilities (MCU)


Kang The Conqueror is the next big villain of MCU Phase 4, and since Kang appeared in the Ant-Man And The Wasp trailer, it is very clear that Ant-Man 3 will lead the MCU Phase 4.

kang the conqueror
Kang The Conqueror

In the “Loki” finale we saw ‘He Who Remains’ who was one of the variants of the Kang, and since He Who Remains is dead there is no one to control the timeline and now their is no one to stop Kang The Conqueror except The Avengers.

Kang is one of the greatest Villains in the Marvel Comics and it is great to see that Kang in the MCU looks exactly like Kang in The Comics.

Kang Has Genetic Intelligence

Kang is exceptionally intelligent and it is in his genetics. Doctor Doom and Reed Richards are considered as two of the most intelligent minds in the marvel, and in the future when their descendant dated they had a baby named Nathaniel Richards also known as Kang.

So being intelligent is in his genes and Kang has got some of the best genetics for intelligence in the entire MCU, and this is one of the reasons why Kang the Conqueror is very Intelligent and it is one of the biggest abilities he has.

We know Dr. Doom is villain and Reed Richards is a hero, and Kang actually took more qualities of Dr. doom, because like Doom and unlike Reed Richards, Kang wants to conqueror all the realities and all timelines, hence the name “Kang The Conqueror”.

Kang The Conqueror Just Can Not Die

With Kang marvel has introduced 2 characters that cannot die, the first one is Deadpool, and this is one of those abilities that allow anyone to always win in any situation, with Kang Avengers or any superhero team can only delay his win, no one can defeat him permanently, as he will always keep coming back.

But you might ask “in the Loki season finale how did He Who Remains Died?”, So here is a thing, he can die but his variants will always keep coming back and he has infinite variants.

Simply put, this means that if the Avengers were to kill one Kang variant, the other variants would follow suit and arrive in their world with the same intention. As they kill more variants, new ones would continue to appear, and this cycle will never end, therefore technically the Kang cannot be killed.

kang the conqueror
Kang The Conqueror

Summoning Unstoppable Weapons

Kang can literally annihilate any superhero team because of this ability, since Kang The Conqueror can travel through space and time just like how a hot knife travels through butter, he has access to all the weapons of all times anywhere in space.

The reason why this ability is so impressive is that this allows him to draw any weapon from the future that does not have any defense in the present day and this makes his weapons unstoppable.

He Can Create Weapons

When you have access to all the weapons from all time lines and anywhere in space the most basic things anyone will do is to use those weapons to create even more powerful weapons.

Given that Kang has one of the best minds in Marvel, it makes sense that he can make unimaginable weapons given everything he has access to.

Battle Armor

Kang himself does not have any superhuman powers, as he is just a normal human being, his tech and his weapons give him all his powers, one of them is his battle Armor.

Kang’s battle armor is from the 40th century, his armor lets him absorb all attacks including nuclear attacks, not just that it also makes him stronger and makes him highly resistant to almost of types of attacks, this way he derives super strength and stamina from his battle armor.

kang the conqueror
Kang The Conqueror

Time Travel

This biggest ability Kang has is his ability to travel through time, but did you know that Kang himself did not invented time travel, it was actually tony stark who invent time travel in Avengers Endgame and in the future Kang used time travel to get conquer all the time lines.

And yes if tony did not created time travel then Kang simply would not exist which technically means tony stark created Kang.

All the superpowers that Kang has comes from his time traveling ability, as all of his weapons and battle armors are from the future, take away his time travel and he is just a very smart human being.

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