Kang The Conqueror Became Villain Because Of Iron-Man 2023

Kang The Conqueror Became Villain Because Of Iron-Man (In The MCU)


MCU Phase 4 ended with Black Panther 2 and now we are finally in Phase 5 of the MCU with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, where the main antagonist of the film is Kang.

Did you now that Kang The Conqueror is the next big villain for MCU Phase 5 and he will still be in the MCU in its 6th Phase as well, as the name of the next Avenger movie is Avengers: The Kang Dynasty that will release on 2nd May 2025, as confirmed by Marvel, and it is the part of Phase 6.

Kang The Conqueror

This simply means we will see Kang in the entire MCU phase 5 and phase 6, that’s a lot of Kang but how did Kang The Conqueror actually became a villain, let’s find out:

Kang The Conqueror Was A Scientist

Kang was a variant of Nathaniel Richards, born in the 30th century he studied robotics and cross-dimensional recordings of Earth-616 (our universe), he was very intelligent scientist, and when he realized that his variants are trying to conqueror all of the timelines and realities, he created TVA.

TVA stands for Time Variance Authority that looks after all the realities in the multiverse, it was created to keep all the variants of Kang from trying to conqueror all the timeline.

In the last episode of Loki Season 1 we saw Sylvie, one of the variants of Loki, killing He Who Remains originally known as Nathaniel Richards, after he is dead their is no one stopping his variants including Kang The Conqueror.

kang the conqueror
kang the conqueror

Powers of Kang The Conqueror

  1. Kang Has Genetic Intelligence: Kang is exceptionally intelligent and it is in his genetics. Doctor Doom and Reed Richards are considered as two of the most intelligent minds in the marvel, and in the future when their descendant dated they had a baby named Nathaniel Richards also known as Kang.
  2. Kang The Conqueror Just Can Not Die: With Kang marvel has introduced 2 characters that cannot die, the first one is Deadpool, and this is one of those abilities that allow anyone to always win in any situation, with Kang Avengers or any superhero team can only delay his win, no one can defeat him permanently, as he will always keep coming back.
  3. Summoning Unstoppable Weapons: Kang can literally annihilate any superhero team because of this ability, since Kang The Conqueror can travel through space and time just like how a hot knife travels through butter, he has access to all the weapons of all times anywhere in space.
  4. He Can Create Weapons: When you have access to all the weapons from all time lines and anywhere in space the most basic things anyone will do is to use those weapons to create even more powerful weapons.
  5. Battle Armor: Kang himself does not have any superhuman powers, as he is just a normal human being, his tech and his weapons give him all his powers, one of them is his battle Armor.
kang the conqueror

How Iron-Man Created Kang

All the superhuman powers that Kang has comes from his ability of time travelling, but did you know he did not created time travel?

It is actually Tony Stark who created time travel to go back in time and take infinity stones so that Avengers can change what Thanos did, he will always be the original creator of time travel, if Tony never created time travel in the first place than Kang would have always been just a scientist.

But after the invention of time travel, all the variants of Kang were now able to travel in the multiverse, creating a supervillain, Kang The Conqueror.

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