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Marvel Superheroes With The Best Healing Factor


Since it would be extremely strange if superheroes couldn’t save the world because they had a high fever, healing factor is not only very common but also a very important aspect of the superhero world.

So here are top 6 Marvel superheroes with the best healing factors:

6. Spider-Man

healing factor - spider-man

When a teenager, peter parker gets bitten by an radioactive spider, it grants him some super human abilities including a strong healing factor. Although his healing factor does not allow him to heal wounds instantly and regrow his limbs, it does help him a lot.

Spider-Man’s healing factor helps him to heal his injuries much quicker than normal, his tiny bruises and cuts almost heal very quickly and his broken bones can heal within days. Spider-Man might not have the strongest healing factor in the MCU but his healing factor does help him a lot.

5. Sabretooth

healing factor - sabertooth

Sabertooth was a part of the weapon X project like many others on this list, which made his healing factor and other powers almost like wolverine.

Sabertooth was a born mutant and if we talk about his natural healing factor it was not as good as wolverine’s. But he still heals almost instantly and this also made his kind immortal, because he ages but at an extremely slow rate.

4. X-23

healing factor - x-23

X-23’s healing factor is almost like wolverine’s as she was a part of the weapon X project where they were trying to replicate wolverine but because of the damaged sample they had to use the X chromosome hence, X-23 was a female.

X-23 never had any big injuries like her genetic father, wolverine, but she can heal minor cuts and bruises just like wolverine.

she has been once seen to regrow her limbs, and although her healing factor will be shown to be better than that of a wolverine we will have to wait for a long time to watch her in future movies.

3. Hulk (and She-Hulk)

healing factor - hulk and she-hulk
Hulk And She-Hulk

When banner gets angry it never ends up very favorable for his enemies, thanks to gamma radiation, that gave him the superhuman ability to turn green, big and strong.

Hulk’s healing factor doesn’t work in his human form, to heal his injuries he has to turn into hulk.

All of his powers gets better as he gets more angry, same for his healing factor, hulks healing factor get better the more angry he gets.

Same with the she-hulk her healing factor also gets better as she gets angrier, thanks to the blood transfusion that gave her these super powers.

2. Deadpool

healing factor - deadpool

We have seen Deadpool regrow his body parts many times in movies, their no doubt that Deadpool’s healing factor is one of the best healing factors.

Although he is a failed experiment because the agency that was experimenting on Deadpool (weapon X project) was trying to replicate wolverine’s healing factor and they were not able to completely do that.

Instead, of healing his cancer his healing factor allows him to heal faster than the cancer killing him, and that’s why Deadpool looks kind of ugly and wears a mask.

Deadpool’s body is in a constant fight with cancer, as cancer is constantly trying to kill Deadpool and his healing factor is healing the damages done by cancer.

1. Wolverine

healing factor - wolverine

Whenever we talk about healing factor it is impossible to not mention Wolverine, wolverine has one of the best healing factors in the entire MCU, his injuries almost heals instantly, and that’s why he can use his claws without worrying about his knuckles.

His healing factor is the reason why he has been experimented on so many times, Wolverine ages very slowly because of it and he is also one of the oldest superheroes.

Wolverine managed to heal himself even after being torn in half by hulk, and once magneto ripped his adamantium skeleton out of his body wolverine still managed to heal himself completely.

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