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5 MCU Characters Hulk Has Never Defeated


Hulk was consistently portrayed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as a character whose strength and aggression were unmatched, and the way he was portrayed in the first MCU movies gave us the impression that he is the strongest Avenger and cannot be defeated.

Though it became clear that the Hulk could be defeated as the Marvel universe grew as we saw Iron-Man, Thor, and Thanos all defeat him, it was always very challenging to do so, with the exception of Thanos, who did it fairly quickly.

So here are 5 MCU characters Hulk has never defeated:

5. Thanos

mcu thanos
MCU Thanos

Hulk has never beaten Thanos in hand-to-hand combat, every time they fight, the mad titan wins, in the comic world hulk has never defeated Thanos, and as we saw in “Infinity War,” the mad titan defeats the Hulk to the point where the Hulk is embarrassed to ever reappear.

But every time Hulk fought Thanos, Thanos always had at least one infinity stone with him, and to be honest Thanos is a trained cosmic soilder who has being figthing for thousands of years. Putting a strong, experienced, trained cosmic soldier against an uncontrollable beast is just not fair.

4. Zeus

mcu zeus
MCU Zeus

Hulk never stood a chance before Zeus, once Hulk ended up in a situation to fight with Zeus, and such an unfair fight that was, it was excruciating to watch him lose in such an unfair contest.

Thor is usually difficult for the Hulk to defeat, but a god like Zeus, who is the ruler of the Olympian Gods and is stronger than Thor, the strongest Norse God, can easily defeat the Hulk.

The fact that Hulk has never been able to defeat Zeus is understandable given that Zeus is a King of the Olympian Gods and possesses incredible abilities while fighting.

3. The Juggernaut

mcu juggernaut
MCU Juggernaut

The Juggernaut can never be stopped, he can be slowed down or even could be delayed but no one can stop Juggernaut not even hulk himself.

Among all the X-Men, Juggernaut is the hardest to deal with because of his unmatched strength and aggression, which sounds like the hulk, but they two have only met a handful of times, and each time Juggernaut had the upper hand.

However, in the future, Hulk might defeat Juggernaut because each time they have faced off, Juggernaut has triumphed thanks to a technicality, such as competing against a less powerful Hulk. However, for the time being, Juggernaut is unbeatable.

2. Professor X

mcu professor x
MCU Professor X

A battle between Professor X and Hulk might seem very unfortunate for Professor X because Hulk is an uncontrollable and powerful beast and Professor X on the other hand is a gentle man on wheelchair.

But Professor’s telepathic ability is unbeatable in the entire MCU, and in ‘multiverse of madness’ the reason why the scarlet witch was able to beat professor X telepathically is because she was using spells from dark hold that gave her the abilities to beat professor.

However, if Professor and the Hulk were to engage in combat, Professor would be able to easily defeat the Hulk with just a single thought.

1. Scarlet Witch

mcu scarlet witch
MCU scarlet witch

As we saw in endgame Scarlet witch (without darkhold) could have easily defeated Thanos, and as mentioned earlier Hulk has never defeated Thanos, this provides the power hierarchy where Scarlet witch comes at the top and Hulk at the bottom.

Hulk might be stronger than scarlet witch but she is way more powerful than Hulk, and she will not let him get close enough to hurt her, thanks to her powers that almost killed Thanos.

After watching ‘the multiverse of madness’ it is pretty clear that Scarlet witch is arguably the most powerful Avenger.

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