MCU Secret Wars: These Are The 5 Most Interesting Characters

MCU Secret Wars: These Are The 5 Most Interesting Characters


There are a lot of superheroes in the Avengers secret wars, but here are the 5 most interesting characters that fans are eagerly waiting for in the Avengers: Secret wars:

5. Ultron

ultron in secret wars
Ultron in secret wars

Ultron’s prospects of returning still persist, despite theories to the contrary that the Scarlet Witch’s influence on WandaVision would bring him back to life.

In the first season of What If…?, the main enemy was an Infinity Stone-powered Ultron variation.

The Beyonder revived Ultron in the comics by utilising his cosmic energy. Ultron then starts to seriously annoy the heroes, even hurting the Hulk.

However, Doctor Doom also convinces Ultron to assassinate Kang, so it’s not only the heroes who need to be on the lookout.

One of the Avengers’ finest villains may be fixed in Secret Wars, which could also examine what happens when he collaborates with other MCU villains, if anything similar occurred in the MCU.

4. Kang the Conqueror

kang the conqueror v/s thanos
Kang The Conqueror

Since MCU’s secret wars will be released just after ‘Avengers: The Kang dynasty’, it is pretty evident that Kang is going to have a major role in the movie.

Since Kang is going to be the main villain of MCU phase 4, it would be interesting to watch avengers fighting Kang and other villains who may be introduced in this film.

MCU has been trying to replace Thanos with Kang from Loki’s season 1, and if we talk about comics then in the 1984 secret wars Kang was the main enemy of the Avengers.

So now it is pretty sure that Kang is going to be a part of MCU’s secret war.

3. She-Hulk


‘She-Hulk: Attorney At Law’ is one of the most anticipated Disney+ TV show of 2022 and given the fact that Disney + heroes are coming into movies, we can say say the 2022’s most anticipated TV show’s main character She-Hulk will also be coming in future MCU movies.

And Avengers secret wars could be She-hulk’s first movie, in the comics ‘the thing’ was replaced by She-hulk, So we could also see MCU doing the same with She-hulk and either replacing someone with her or just getting her into the movie.

Anyhow fans would love to see She-Hulk fighting alongside Avengers.

2. Spider-Man

black spider-man in secret wars
Black Spider-Man in secret wars

One of the most interesting characters in Secret Wars is going to be the black Spider-man, as we saw in the post credit scene of ‘No Way Home’ when everyone from another universe the send back their their own universe but a small part of venom is left behind in our universe (earth 616).

As in comics, One one’s life was affected more than Spider-Man’s after the ‘secret wars’ as he got a new black suit.

As Venom is one of the most loved villains of Spider-Man and now he is on earth 616 (our earth), this makes it very likely that we will see Spider-Man with a black suit or at least Spider-Man fighting Venom, either way, it would be a very interesting thigh to watch.

1. Deadpool

mcu deadpool
MCU Deadpool

Since it is confirmed that Deadpool 3 is going to be the part of MCU, so this means Deadpool potentially will be casted in the secret wars as fans wanted to see Deadpool and Spider-Man together from a long time, this secret wars is a very good time to do so.

And the possibility of venom choosing Deadpool as his host is very less but if this happens the entire plot of future movies will be very different from comics, marvel might do this to keep the movie unpredictable, but this is very less likely to happen.

In comics, Deadpool has defeated the entire Avengers including hulk and Thor, but it is more likely that Deadpool will be on the hero side as in the past movies he is portrayed as a superhero, and marvel fans like him as a hero.

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