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MCU Villains Ranked Based On Powers


These MCU villans have defeated some of the most powerful superheroes in the MCU, and these villains would have any MCU superheroes shaking in their boots.

These are some of the most iconic super villains of MCU ranked on the basis of their superpowers, To defeat these villains, MCU superheroes either needs to team up or call other villains to defeat them.

mcu villains
MCU Villains

5. Hela: Thor Ragnarok

We all know Hela from Thor Ragnarok who destroyed Thor’s hammer and single-handedly defeated the most powerful army of asguard – Einherjar.

The only 2 known to defeat Hela are Odin in his prime and Surtur, the God of thunder himself tried to defeat Hela and struck her with the biggest lighting bolt and she managed to survive easily.

Hela, the goddess of death ruled the 9 realms with her father Odin and defeated a number of rulers, Thor who consider himself as the strongest Avenger easily accepted that he cannot beat Hela and had to wake Surtur to defeat Hela by destroying Asguard.

She is certainly one of the strongest Villains of the MCU.

4. Thanos: Avengers Endgame

Before the Infinity war, it seemed like Thanos only sits on his golden chair and commanded but in the opening scene of the Avengers: infinity war everyone realized that Thanos is the biggest threat they have ever faced.

Thanos destroyed the ship of Asguardians, passed thor like a doll, defeated the Hulk so bad that hulk never came out again, killed loki in front of everyone, almost killed Iron-Man and tore the stone form visions head killing him.

And in the endgame, he defeated Iron-man (with his most advanced suit ever), Thor (with Strom breaker and Mjollnir), and Captain America (who could lift Mjollnir) alone without the infinity Gauntlet.

He defeated the Avengers twice, once on his planet where he almost killed Iron-man and took the time stone, and the second time when he killed vision and took the mind stone. Thanos was one of the strongest Villans Avengers ever fought.

3. Scarlet Witch

We all know when thanos tried to take the mindstone from vision, scarlet witch distroyed the mindstone with one hand while stopping Thanos with her other hand and this was before she realized her true potential.

As discussed above Thanos was one of the strongest villains but in the endgame, we saw the scarlet witch almost killing Thanos in less than 30 seconds, and Thanos had to kill his troops to save himself.

Not Only that, scarlet witch also defeated the masters of mystic arts in the movie multiverse of madness, she also killed the entire illuminati while dream walking.

one one could stop her in the movie multiverse of madness, considering all that, we can say scarlet witch is definitely one of the strongest villains of the MCU.

2. Dormamu

Dormamu might seem like a weaker villain because Dr. Strange trapped him in a time loop using the Time stone and it seemed very easy to defeat Dormamu but, in comics dormamu is the strongest villain dr. Strange ever had.

Dormamu lives in the dark dimension which is also known as a dimension of magic, where time does not exist, so potentially Dormammu is even older than time itself, which makes him an ancient cosmic entity who has survived millions of years.

Think of dark dimension as hell and Dormamu is the devil, he controls the dark dimension and he is made up of mystical energy.

MCU did him dirty by not even allowing Dormamu to use his powers but now as all the infinity stones have been destroyed by Thanos, there is no time stone to trap Dormamu again, and if Dormamu returns Dr. strange will have to find an other way to stop him.

And if MCU Dormamu is anything like the comic version than dr. Strange would need some help.

1. Kang the conquerer

Kang the conqueror is the strongest villain so far, Kang might look like a normal human being dressed in weird armor but his intelligence and the way he travels through time makes him unbeatable.

The original creator of the time machine is Tony Stark but Kang used that knowledge to create his Infinite versions, so even if someone managed to kill Kang his other version will come.

And those versions will know exactly how the previous Kang died and will not repeat the same mistake that lead previous Kang to die, making him unbeatable.

Kang can only be defeated if someone knows how to travel through time, space and reality and use those things in a very intelligent manner, otherwise, Kang will always survive, that’s why one of his versions is known as “he who remains”.

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