Scarlet Witch Is The Strongest Avenger And Here's Why?

Scarlet Witch Is The Strongest Avenger And Here’s Why?


Scarlet Witch: For a while, everyone believed the Hulk to be the most powerful Avenger, but after seeing him fall to Thor, we began to believe that Thor was the more powerful Avenger.

After comparing Captain Marvel’s performance against Thanos to that of Thor and Thanos, some fans now believe Captain Marvel to be the strongest Avenger. But who is the strongest Avenger, In our opinion, the scarlet witch has demonstrated why she is the strongest Avenger:

scarlet witch
Scarlet Witch

She Almost Killed Thanos Without Any Weapon

In avengers endgame scarlet witch was very angry because thanos killed Vision who was wanda’s love. So in end game when scarlet saw the opportunity to fight thanos she almost killed him. Thanos knew he can’t win the fight against her so he ordered to rain fire on his troops, to save himself.

No Avenger was able to nearly even defeat him without any weapon, scarlet witch was the first to do so, and this was even before she got the dark hold.

Dr. Strange Was Afraid Of Her

In infinity war when dr. strange and thanos were fighting, Thanos had to use 4 infinity stones in order to beat dr. strange and dr. strange gave him a very good fight without even using the time stone.

In the movie dr. strange multiverse of madness, dr. was seen avoiding single handed fights with scarlet witch and this is because he knew he can’t defeat scarlet.

In that movie, we also learned that dr. strange was so powerful that he was a threat to the multiverse, which means dr. strange holds the power to destroy multiverse.

Dr. Strange has also defeated an ancient and extremely powerful creature, Dormamu.

So dr. strange is well aware of his powers he is not afraid of any of the avengers except scarlet witch.

Scarlet Witch Is a Walking Infinity Gauntlet

The infinity gauntlet is considered one of the most powerful weapons in the MCU because its owner can use the powers of all 6 infinity stones.

And scarlet witch has similar powers to all 6 infinity stones:

  1. Reality stone: Reality stone grants the user to change matter and manipulate reality, Wanda can also manipulate reality, she created a reality where she lives with vision happily.
  2. Mind stone: Mind stone grants the user to control the minds of others, and Wanda can also control the minds of others as seen in the movie ‘dr. strange multiverse of madness’, when Wanda came to take Charves from strange for the first time.
  3. Power Stone: Power Stone allows the user to manipulate all forms of energy, and Wanda manipulates all forms of energy all the time while fighting.
  4. Time Stone: Time Stone allows the user to control the past, present, and future, Wanda can travel a week in the past and future and she can also see far in the future.
  5. Space Stone: Space stone helps the user to travel through space, Wanda can also teleport from one place to another and seen in ‘WandaVision’.
  6. Soul stone: Soul stone grants the user to manipulate soul, Wanda can also manipulate the consciousness of others, and after getting the dark hold Wanda was even able to dream walk in different realities.

None of the Avengers has all these abilities, making her the most powerful Avenger.

She Defeated The Entire Illuminati While Dream Walking

In the movie ‘dr. strange multiverse of madness’ we saw Wanda fighting the Illuminati, black bolt was one of the most powerful characters of Illuminati and Wanda killed her without even moving.

Scarlet defeated the entire illuminati who were as powerful as the Avengers, while dream walking, including captain marvel, it stated that Wanda can kill the entire avengers as well.

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