Top 10 Smartest Marvel Characters Starting With Iron-Man

10 Smartest Marvel Characters Starting With Iron-Man


If you’re looking for the smartest Marvel characters, the MCU is full of them. However, once Tony Stark, aka Iron-Man, is gone, who can the MCU turn to for the best minds?

Starting with our all-time favorite superhero, Iron-Man, here are the top 10 Marvel characters who are above and beyond smart:

Iron-Man Was Getting Smarter With Every Movie

smartest marvel characters
Smartest Marvel Characters – Iron-Man

Not including Iron-man in the Smartest Marvel Characters list would e unfair as he first ever exceptionally smart character the MCU introduced on the big screen, a billionaire who owned stark industries that made world-leading weaponry, Tony’s father was also very smart and was the one who made Captain America’s legendary shield.

In the Avengers Endgame When Tony met Thanos for the first time he was shocked because Thanos already knew his name and he said “you’re not the only one cursed with knowledge” which shows, Tony is not only famous on earth for his intelligence but also throughout the galaxy.

In the endgame he also made an infinity gauntlet which was better than the original one as this gauntlet can change its size according to the user and could be used multiple times, unlike the original one which was severely damaged after Thanos snapped away half of the population.

Iron-Man also discovered Time-Travel which also shows how smart he was, the future MCU movies are going to be heavily dependent on time travel, thanks to Iron-Man. And obviously his suits are also a big example of his intelligence.

Thanos Knew A Lot About This Universe

thanos vs kang
Thanos: Smartest Marvel Characters

Thanos was one of those MCU villains who get to fulfill his destiny, not every Marvel villain can say that about themselves, on titan he learned about the secrets of the universe that no one knows about just as a child.

Thanos was educated among Eternals from his childhood, he spent most of his time acquiring knowledge, and it was his knowledge that allowed him to terrorize the universe for centuries.

He is mostly known for his powers but he was also very experienced as he was around 1000 years old and since he knew about the secretes of the universe he wanted to erase half of the population of the universe which sound ethically wrong but it was the right thing to do.

Kang Knows More About Time Travel Than Anyone Else


The upcoming marvel super villain Kang The Conqueror is the smartest enemies MCU fans are gonna see on screen, Kang dose not have any super human powers, he just has a time machine and he knows more about time travel than anyone else in the MCU.

Dr. Doom and Reed Richards are considered among 2 of the smartest brains in the MCU, and Kang is related to both which mean being smart is in Kang’s genes, Kang has infinite versions of himself who want to conqueror all timelines.

Kang has been studying the powers and weaknesses of all MCU heroes for ages, he knows how to defeat every hero and knows about them better than they know themselves.

The Leader Has Super Human Brain

the leader
The Leader

Just like how Gamma radiations mutated Bruce Banner into Hulk, gamma radiations also mutated Samuel Sterns into The Leader, the only difference was, those radiation made hulk very strong and Leader very intelligent.

The Leader is one of the hulk’s oldest villains and they suit each other quite a lot since watching them fight is like brains vs muscles.

This character is the only one on this list who acquired intelligence artificially, which is one of the main reasons he is frequently left off lists of the Smartest Marvel Characters.

Iron-Heart Built Her First Suit When She Was Just A Teen

Smartest Marvel Characters – Iron-Heart

Iron Hearts will mostly be the top 5 list of Smartest Marvel Characters, she has already done debut in the film Black panther Wakanda Forever, and she has even impressed the Shuri with her intelligence.

Building her first suit when she as just a teen is a proof of her intelligence, on the other hand Iron-Man built his first suit in his late 30’s.

Doctor Doom Is A Superior Version Of Iron-Man

mcu villain doctor doom
MCU Villain Doctor Doom

One of the most powerful villains of Marvel comics, Victor von Doom, is one one of the smartest villains of Marvel, he is just like Iron-Man but even better in all aspects.

He is a polymath, scientist, and inventor who possesses genius-level intellect, first of all he is extremely powerful and on top of that he can outsmart everyone in a fight which makes him ruthless, well he is one of the most powerful villains for a reason.

Valeria Richards Was Born Smart

valeria richards
Valeria Richards

Valeria Richards is the daughter of Mr. fantastic and Invisible Woman, one is very smart and and other one is very powerful, since the cosmic radiation is inherited in her she could become smarter than her parents.

At a very young age she could make so advance gadgets that adult scientists might envy her, she might grow up ad become even smarter and stronger but for now in her teen she is 4th in our list.

Reed Richards Was The Smartest Person On The Earth For a Long Time

wanda defeating illuminati
Smartest Marvel Characters – Reed Richards

This is a very controversial take to say Reed Richards is smarter than Iron-Man as many believe this to be untrue but Reed Richards has proven himself smarter than Iron-Man many times.

Tony Stark is very intelligent and excels at engineering, computers, and weapons technology but Reed Richards excels at everything, he is the inventor of unstable molecules, interstellar craft, portals to go in other dimensions, and can explore the universe in such a way that no one else can do, every list of the smartest marvel characters will have Reed Richards In its top 3.

Moon Girl Is Smarter Than Reed Richards

moon girl
Moon Girl

Looks like Stan Lee really liked kids, Moon girl is the second young character on Smartest Marvel Characters list, anyways Moon Girl’s primary super power is her intelligence, Amadeus Cho has dubbed her as the smartest character in the world, making her smarter than even Reed Richards and Doctor Doom.

Lunella Lafayette AKA Moon Girl has taken many intelligence tests and competitions, and has been proven to be smarter than Reed Richards.

Galactus Is The Smartest Marvel Characters

mcu villains galactus
Smartest Marvel Characters – Galactus

Before Galactus got his powers he was a scientist named Galan of Taa, even smarter than Iron-man, and was the sole survivor of his universe, after his universe was destroyed the cosmic energy transformed him into a very powerful cosmic being, Galactus.

This makes him even older than our universe and with time he was gained more knowledge and has became more smart this makes him the Smartest Being alive in space.

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