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Spider-Man 4: Home Run Release Date, Trailer & Story Prediction


After Spider-Man No Way Home the possibilities of Spiderman Home run are endless, anything can happen in spider man home run as No Way Home has wiped the slate for the next movie.

everything about spiderman home run
Spiderman Home Run

A reminder that in No Way Home, Peter was rejected from MIT, and Ant May is also dead, so he will be living alone, and at the end of the movie, he was seen getting ready for a GED test. At the moment, Spider-Man Home Run is in development, and since no one remembers who Peter is, this gives the old Tobey Maguire Spider-Man vibes.

Spiderman Home Run Release Date

Marvel did hold a monumental Comic Con where Kevin Feige confirmed all MCU phase 5 films and some MCU phase 6 movies as well, but Marvel is unable to reveal Spider-release Man’s date because Sony still owns the character.

The film is currently in development, and since there was a two-year gap between each of the previous Spider-Man movies, Spider man 4 (Tom Holland) should arrive in 2023.

However, Sony has already announced two Marvel films for the year 2023: “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” on June 2 and “Madame Web” on October 6.

There is therefore very little chance that Spider-Man 4 (also known as Home Run) will be released in 2023, but the good news is that Sony has set a release date for an unconfirmed Marvel film on June 7, 2024, which could possibly be Spiderman Home run.

Venom In Spider-Man 4: Home Run

tom holland's spider-man and venom-spiderman home run
Spiderman Home Run

In the post-credit scene of Spider-Man No Way Home, when Dr. Strange casts a spell to make everyone forget who Spider-Man is, we saw every character on Earth 616 (our universe) vanish and possibly go back in their respective universes.

Spider-Man fans have been waiting to see Venom and Peter together in a film since Venom’s release in 2018 and in that scene, we saw every character on Earth 616 (our universe) vanish except Venom.

A small part of Venom is still on Earth 616 where Tom Holland’s Spider-Man exists, this without a doubt means we will have Venom in Spiderman Home Run.

But the question is will Venom play a Villain/Anti-hero in the film or will he team up with Spidey against a bigger threat?

Who Will Be The Villain In Spiderman 4

During the post-credits scene of Venom 2, we could see Venom watching Spider-Man on TV, and at the time, he was depicted as the bad guy. In Venom 2, Eddie Brock explains to Venom how he should not eat anyone whenever he is hungry and tells him to only eat bad guys.

This implies that Venom would be trying to eat Spider-Man in the movie, hence the name “Home Run,” and that this Spider-Man wouldn’t have any other superhero to save him like Dr. Strange or Iron-Man.

Since there are endless possibilities, nothing could be said for sure. The plot of the movie could follow a pattern similar to that of Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man 3 if Venom takes control of Spider-Man.

black spider-man in secret wars
Venom Took Over Spider-Man

What Could Happen In The Movie

Since the director of Spiderman Home Run has a lot of freedom this time, they would take advantage of it and could do something entirely different which means they would fight at the beginning of the film but eventually they will team up to fight something even bigger.

On top of that Spiderman Home Run could be releasing between Captain America: New World Order and Thunderbolts so a new villain is very highly anticipated, comment down below and lets us know which character you would like to see against the Spider-Man and Venom duo.

Garfield’s Spider-Man & Daredevil Could Crossover

It is obvious that everything will lead up to Avengers: Secret Wars, where practically anyone from any section of the Marvel universe might appear, since the MCU’s cosmos is beginning to fall apart.

Daredevil and Garfield’s Spider-Man might logically cross over and share the screen in this movie. With Daredevil showing up in Spider-Man: No Way Home, it appears that Kevin Feige has a strategy in mind to make The Man without Fear and Spider-Man the two leaders of the MCU’s street-level factions.

Daredevil will also feature in Spider-Man: Freshman Year, although in animated form, but a similar dynamic might be repeated in Sony’s rumoured Spider-Man 4.

andrew garfield's spider-man and daredevil
Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man and Daredevil

If that were to happen, it would only make sense that, should Garfield’s Spider-Man appear in Avengers: Secret Wars, he would once again team up with Holland, and perhaps Maguire as well, as well as with Cox’s Daredevil to battle whatever threat they would be up against.

Though with a movie that would practically join up everyone who was engaged in a Marvel movie, both past and present, it may have numerous enemies in it, it appears that it will be Jonathan Majors’ Kang the Conqueror as he creates an empire over the multiverse.

As the Multiverse Saga develops and Daredevil: Born Again debuts on Disney+ in 2024, it will become clear exactly what Marvel’s plans are for Spider-Man and Daredevil.

Spiderman Home Run Concept Trailer

Since the movie is right now being produced, the trailer is not released yet, here is a concept trailer for Spider-Man Home Run, we will update you as soon as the trailer comes.

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