Who Is Story Annabelle Paul & The Story Behind Her Name!

Story Annabelle Paul: The Story Behind Her Unusual Name


Story Annabelle Paul is the only daughter of Aaron Paul and his wife Lauren Parsekian, the couple shocked their fans by revealing her name as “Story Annabelle Paul”.

Aaron and Lauren are very private couple, they like to keep their life private.

Especially in today’s world where everyone shares everything on social media, Aaron and Lauren choose to keep their life to themselves, they recently announced their daughter’s name, they also have a second baby boy named Ryden.

story annabelle paul
Story Annabelle Paul

However when Aaron was asked about his daughter’s unusual name he said there is a story behind her name, let’s find out why they named their daughter “Story Annabelle Paul” and what is the story behind it.

Story Annabelle Paul Birth Date

In 2017 Aaron announced that they are having a baby via Instagram post, and he also expressed his feelings about their first baby and how excited he feels to have their first baby. After that in September 2017 Aaron’s wife Lauren Parsekian also posted Aaron’s and her childhood photo with an ultrasound showing their baby.

In an interview with Comicdoor when Aaron was asked about the birth date of Story, he revealed that their daughter was born on 6th February 2018 he also told us that he was not ready to have have a baby but eventually he was convinced to have one and after that, they decided to have one more baby next year.

Why Aaron Named His Daughter “Story”

When the actor Aaron Paul appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” he disclosed the story behind their daughter’s name.

He said, during their first date in Las Vegas, and had a dinner and after the dinner they went to a show and from their they returned in a old car that he brought.

aaron paul and his wife lauren parsekian
Aaron Paul and his wife Lauren Parsekian

That day was special day for them because they were planning to get married in a chapel, that day they also brought a leather jacket for their unborn child, but uncertainly the Chapel was closed.

They took this as a sign that they should slow things down, and delayed their marriage, but they were not done for the night so they went in a Casino with $200 and came out with $16,0000 playing blackjack.

And because of the events of that night they decided to name their daughter their “little story”, few months after their daughter was born Aaron took his daughter to Comicon for the 10th anniversary of Breaking Bad and dressed her as Heisenberg.

The Couple Has Not Reveled Story Annabelle Paul’s Face

As mentioned earlier Aaron Paul and his wife Lauren Parsekian are very private, they have not revealed their daughter’s face. They revealed her face when she was very small but she has grown up the couple has decided to keep her private.

And it is because both Aaron and Lauren have been famous actors and they have experienced how difficult it is to walk on streets and live a normal life when people around you are your fans. And they do not want the same for their daughter so they have not revealed her face to their fans.

Story Annabelle Paul’s Parents

Lauren Parsekian: Story’s mother Lauren Parsekian is social activist and cofounder of “Kind Campaign” that works for ending girl-agianst-girl Abuse, she is also a director and an actor who is famously know for her work in “Finding Kind” and “NCIS: Special Agent DiNozzo Visits Dr. Phil”.

Aaron Paul: Story’s father Aaron Paul started his career from acting in church and few months after he moved to Los Angeles for his acting career, since then Aaron has worked in multiple movies and shows, and he is mostly known for his work in the TV show “Breaking Bad” and the movie Mission Impossible III.

How Did Story Annabelle Paul’s Parents Met

When Aaron and Lauren met at the Coachella Music Festival, their enchanting love story began. In a small courtyard outside of a hotel, the actor proposed to Lauren in Paris in 2018. Aaron proposed on one knee while the two of them were dancing to “Edith Piaf” by themselves.

Aaron and Lauren hosted a bachelor party in Las Vegas for their friends a week before their wedding. Later, on May 26, 2019, the couple wed at the Calamigos Ranch in Malibu in a ceremony inspired by the Parisian Carnival.

Bryan Cranston, a co-star of Aaron’s on “Breaking Bad,” was among the 250 people who attended the ceremony. Aaron chose a suit and a bow tie for the occasion, while Lauren wore an Amsale gown. Even better, the actor’s wife was surprised when he had everyone sing “Beauty” by the Shivers, one of their favourite songs, for her.

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