10 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters: Almost Unbeatable! 2023

10 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters: Almost Unbeatable!


When we talk about Anime it is impossible to not mention Dragon Ball Z, as it is the first series in the history that made Anime popular all over the world, and today we will discuss about the 10 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters.

Did you know that the first fight between Goku and Frieza is among one of the longest fights in Anime history that lasted for 19 Episodes. Anyways here are the the top 10 strongest Dragon Ball Characters.

10 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters

10. Goku

strongest dragon ball characters: goku

Goku is the main character of the entire show, arguably the most famous as well, their are very few characters in the Dragon Ball universe who can actually defeat Goku once he is enraged, now matter how powerful his opponent is Goku manages to push himself to unimaginable limits to protect those he care about.

Goku’s Godly transformations are so unpredictable that he sometimes even shocks himself with them, but their are 9 characters who are even more powerful and stronger than Goku.

9. Broly

Broly: Strongest Dragon Ball Characters

Broly is unquestionably more powerful that Goku, when Goku and Vegeta were fighting against Broly, they realised they cannot beat Broly, he was so strong that we compelled Goku and Vegeta to fuse together and become Gogeta and they thaey were able to defeat him.

In Super hero Broly was training with Goku and Vegeta, if he learn how to control his powers Broly will definitely move up in this list.

8. Jiren


Jiren dose not only looks strong but he is actually extremely powerful and strong he is easily one of the most feared characters Goku ever faced, he Goku did not unlocked and mastered his Ultra Instinct fighting against him then Jiren would have completely destroyed him.

It took combined efforts of Goku, Frieza, Android 17, and Vegeta to finally just weaken him that too with tournament rules, fighting against Jiren without tournament rules is one of the most scary things ever.

7. Gohan

strongest dragon ball characters: gohan

After Gohan defeated Cell he went on a non-violent path and started living a peaceful life, this was partly due to Piccolo sacrificing himself while fighting with Cell o save Gohan.

But Gohan always had limitless potential as a kid and was destined to be the centre of DragnBall Z, after Gohan believed that Piccolo was dead he transformed into Gohan Beast, this form of Gohan is comparable to Gods, and Gohan Beast is easily one of the strongest characters in the Dragon Ball universe.

6. Champa

Champa: Strongest Dragon Ball Characters

Champa is the God of Destruction just like Beerus, who is also the God of Destruction but they both are from different universe, Beerrus might have a slight edge over Champa because Champa is shown to be some what lazy.

Champa and Beerus dose not actually like each other a lot, in the Dragon Ball the concept of Multiple Universes was introduced during the tournaments of the Gods, Champa is the God of destruction from universe 6.

5. Beerus

strongest dragon ball characters: beerus
beerus: Strongest Dragon Ball Characters

If we talk about Strongest Dragon Ball Characters then Beerus is a 100% in the top 5 list of everyone, Beerus is the God of destruction from universe 7, he was the reason why Saiyans found out that they have the potential to turn into Super Saiyan God, in universe 7 their is no one who can stand against Beerus alone eve in the Super Saiyan God mode.

There are 12 universes in Dragon ball and Beerus is the strongest God of destruction among all of them.

4. Whis


Every God of destruction has an Angle who keeps their power in check, who trains them and could also use force against destruction Gods if needed, this let alone tells that Whis is even more powerful than Beerus.

Whis not only trained Beerus but he also trained Goku and Vegeta and helps them to become way more strong than they were in Dragon ball Z.

3. Vados


Vados is also an angle who keeps Champa in check which means she is an angle of universe 6, Vados is also the sister of Whis, elder one, and Vados has trained Whis and this on paper makes Vados stronger than Whis.

Whis and Vados both have not shown their full powers in Dragon ball but Vados definitely deserves to be in the top 3 list of the Strongest Dragon Ball Characters.

2. Grand Minister

grand minister
grand minister

Grand Minister is very polite and gentle but when it comes to abiding by the laws of multiverse he is extremely strict with it, he is the father of all Angles, and is the second most powerful and Strongest Dragon Ball Characters.

Their is only one character in all universes who is more powerful and stronger than him and he is the one Grand minister serves, Zeno.

1. Zeno

strongest dragon ball characters: zeno

Technically their are 2 Zeno and both are equally matched and they are called as the Omni-King, they are the most powerful being in all the universes, Omni-King can wipe any universe from existence without even breaking a sweat.

They are so powerful that they have the caliber to be the most powerful being among all the Anime series ever created.

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