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T’Challa or Shuri? Who Will Be The New Black Panther In Black Panther 3?


After the release of Black Panther 2, in which Shuri replaced the deceased king, T’Challa, as Black Panther and served as Queen of Wakanda, it is only natural to wonder whether Shuri will remain in that role or whether the king’s son (who is also named T’Challa), will become the new Black Panther.

t'challa or shuri? who will be the new black panther in black panther 3
T’Challa or Shuri? Who Will Be The New Black Panther

Since the script for Black Panther Wakanda Forever was altered due to the tragic death of Chadwick Boseman, the main actor, so there is no similar storyline in the comics which makes it very difficult to predict who will be the king of Wakanda in Black Panther 3.

Post Credit Scene Of Black Panther Wakanda Forever

In The Post Credit Scene of Wakanda Forever we See Shuri Mourning his brother’s Death, and this we see Nakia coming towards her with a kid, who she named T’Challa.

The kid is none other than T’Challa’s son, who was kept a secret from everyone as King wanted his son to grow up outside Wakanda so that in future he could become the bridge between Wakanda and rest of the world.

Nakia introduces T’Challa to Shuri, and we could see a slight smile on Shuri’s face as T’Challa (the kid) is her nephew, the rightful heir to the throne, the kid was born after Thanos happened which means he is around 5 years old.

What The Director Has To Say

After the Release of Black Panther 2, it’s obvious to ask ‘will there be a Black panther 3 movie?’ collider asked Nate Moore, the director of the film about Black Panther 3 and this is what he said:

“That’s a great question. To be honest, this is not me trying to not answer the question. We really want to see how audiences receive the film, and I think Ryan’s really interested to see how the film plays before we decide. There are certainly ideas we’ve floated around of what a third film could be if we get to make it. But until the movie comes out, we’re a bit superstitious in that way. We don’t want to count our chickens, because you never know what’s going to happen.”

T’Challa or Shuri? Who Will Be The New Black Panther ?

t'challa is shuri's nephew
T’Challa is Shuri’s Nephew

Since T’Challa is around 5 years old he will not become the king right now as his father wished him to grow outside the Wakanda so he could understand them better than how he did because he had his entire childhood in Wakanda itself.

So until he is grown up, maybe 18 years old let’s say, he will not become the king of Wakanda, and Nate Moore said that the next movie will depend upon how Audience react to the new black panther, so one of the following 2 things can happen:

  • The audience will like the new Black panther, and movie might perform better than expectation, in this case we will see Shuri as Black panther in the threequel, and we will see T’Challa growing up and learning about the world and We might Also see him become the new Black Panther in Black Panther 4.
  • The audience does not like the movie and it underperforms in that case the story will fast forward and we will see a grown up version of T’Challa in Black Panther 3 who will become the new king of Wakanda.

The movie will probably perform better than expected because the directors have relatively lower expectations with the film due to the sudden change in the majority of the script, and the audience are also liking the movie.

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