This Made Captain America The Leader Of The Avengers

This Made Captain America The Leader Of The Avengers


Captain America has always been the leader of the avengers in the MCU except for the movie captain America: civil war’ where the avengers fought each other.

Rest in all the avenger’s movies we saw cap giving orders to the entire team and the team followed those orders, even Iron-man accepted orders from cap even though they always mock each other.

captain america
Captain America

Captain America Is Not A Co-Leader

We usually confuse Iron-man as the leader of the Avengers but Iron-man the leader of the Avengers in the comics.

In the MCU version of Avengers, Captain America was the main leader of the team, and the reason why sometimes Iron-Man does not follow captain America’s order is because of his personality.

In the 2012 avengers, we saw cap giving orders to the entire team before telling hulk to smash everyone (the most iconic scene ever), and everyone Including Iron-man followed his order.

In Avengers: Endgame we saw Steve Rogers commanding the entire army of the Avengers by saying “Avengers Assemble’ (The second most iconic scene ever).

At end of the endgame, Steve rogers was the one who took the responsibility to return all the stones to their respective timelines.

Captain America’s first film was named ‘The first Avenger’.

Captain America Was Not The Smartest Avenger

To become a leader one has to be smart but when it comes to Captain America he was not the smartest one on the team.

Iron-Man was the smartest one in the team who also got some help from the AI (Jarvis), and this is one of the reasons why Iron-Man sometimes denied to take orders from the cap, as he knew their could be a better plan.

And both Steve and Tony had a big ego which also contributed to their fights.

Captain America was not the Strongest Avenger

Steve was also not the strongest one in the team, Thor, Hulk, captain, Iron-Man with Mark L armor will easily defeat Captain, but they still followed his orders.

Being a leader of the Avengers was never about being the smartest or the strongest, it was always about having the leadership qualities which steve rogers always had in him.

These are the reasons why he was the leader of the Avengers:

Captain America Was The Most Trusted One In The Team

Their was no one in the team who could be trusted 100% other than Captain America.

  1. Iron-Man could not be trusted completely, and one of the reasons why is because he made Ultron without informing the team members, who then turned into a villain, and he wanted to do the same with the vision.
  2. Thor was a God who could not understand the normal human being and how the earth works and he had 8 more reals to deal with.
  3. About Hulk, we all know why the team could not trust him.
  4. Black widow was an agent of the shield who could be used as a puppet by the sheild.
  5. hawk-eye had a family, so he would always have a and he also originally worked for a shield so he could also be used by the shield.

But Captain America never had any biasness, shield could not control him, so he was the one everyone could trust the most.

Master of Tactician

Captain America had fought multiple battles in the past, so had a lot of experience with fighting and making quick decisions while being in a battle, his experiences made him a master of tactician.

He was able to make strong and effective strategies based on his past experiences as we saw in the battle of New York.

He Knew The Capabilities Of All His Team Members

Captain America knew exactly what his team members were capable of and he ordered them in accordance with their expertise, and this is the biggest quality of a leader ‘to know when to use what’.

None of the members of the team had this ability, not even Iron-Man because Iron-man wanted to do everything on his own, which is an amazing quality to have but is not a very good quality for a leader.

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