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This Makes She Hulk Weaker Than Hulk


Hulk and She Hulk are among the strongest characters in comic books and have untapped strength potential. With the release of She Hulk, we will see if the MCU version of She-Hulk is as powerful as the comic version.

The MCU version of the Hulk has limitless potential. But in either case, the she hulk’s weakness—rage—remains unchanged. Rage is one of the main reasons why She Hulk is weaker than the hulk.

she hulk
She Hulk

Rage makes Hulk Stronger

The Hulk is unbeatable in terms of sheer strength, and his best fighting strategy is to outmuscle everyone he faces.

Hulk does not have the fighting skills and always fights without a plan, but he still manages to win the battles because of his rage.

The more angry he becomes, the stronger he becomes.

Although the MCU version of the Hulk is not as powerful as the comic book version, it has defeated numerous celestial beings.

And when hulk get angry he is ready to fight anyone regardless of how big they are or how strong they are, for eg-

  • Hulk willing to fight with Surtur in Thor Ragnarok
  • Hulk’s battle with Fenrir, hela’s wolf in Thor Ragnarok
  • Hulk kills The Leviathans (battle of New York) in ‘The Avengers’ with a single punch.

Additionally, the Hulk’s evolution into the Smart Hulk has actually weakened him physically.

The smart-hulk might not get angry all that often, but the anger always makes him stronger and unstoppable.

She Hulk Is Slightly Different Than Hulk

She Hulk is also made up of gamma radiation as she became she hulk after the transfusion of her blood with hulk’s blood, but her powers are slightly different.

When Jennifer Walters becomes the She-Hulk, she retains control, and, for the most part, her personality is unaltered.

She Hulk gets stronger as Jennifer Walters gets stronger, she learned martial- arts so she uses her fighting skills in the battle, She Hulk is more tactical with her attacks and unlike the Hulk, she plans her attacks.

this makes she hulk weaker than the hulk
This Makes She Hulk Weaker Than The Hulk

She-Hulk is not as big as the Hulk, even though directors of she Hulk were planning to make her bigger but then ended up with slightly smaller version of she hulk.

Unlike smart hulk who can not revert back into his human form, she hulk can get back in her human form.

She-Hulk dose not have a alter ego like hulk ans hulk has spent almost 15 years learning about how o control hulk and his later ego but She-Hulk dosenot seem to have this problem.

she can fully control her transformations and remembers what she did after transforming into She hulk which hulk struggled to do for years so he created smart-hulk.

She Hulk also has better healing abilities as compared to the hulk because of her better DNA, and her blood synthesis differently with the gamma radiation which makes her healing factor better than the Hulk.

But How Does She-Hulk’s Rage Makes Her weaker?

In any battle, it is very obvious to get angry and when She-Hulk gets angrier she also gets stronger but at the same time she becomes less tactical, and starts leaving herself more vulnerable.

And she hulk’s increase in strength does not make up for the loss of fighting tactics, and she getting angrier is one of the reasons for losing fights against tactical opponents like captain marvel.

Therefore, it is crucial for She-Hulk to maintain her composure and refrain from losing her temper in order to have the best possible chance of winning the battles.

And in order for Hulk to have the best chance of triumph in a conflict, he must become as incensed as he can.

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