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Thunderbolts Trailer, Release Date, Team & Cast


MCU phase 5 will end with the Marvel Thunderbolts, MCU phase 5 is all going to be about the introduction of new superheroes and we’ll see all those characters in the Marvel Thunderbolts. This is exactly what Marvel did with the Phase 1.

marvel thunderbolts
Marvel Thunderbolts

At the San Diego Comic-Con, Kevin Feige announced the entire road map for MCU Phase 4 and Phase 5 But before all that let’s discuss about the last movie of Phase 5, Thunderbolts.

Thunderbolts Release Date

For now, Thunderbolts is planned to be released on July, 26th 2024, since the shooting of the film is not over yet so MCU can also delay the release date of the film as happened with lot of previous movies.

Thunderbolts will end the MCU phase 5 and Fantastic Four will officially start the MCU Phase 6, on 8th November 2024 followed by the most awaited Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers Secret Wars on 2nd May 2025, and 7th November 2025, respectively.

Cast Of Thunderbolts (2024)

Florence PughYelena Belova
Harrison FordThaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross
David HarbourAlexei Shostakov / Red Guardian
Sebastian StanBucky Barnes
Hannah John-KamenAva Starr / Ghost
Olga KurylenkoAntonia Dreykov / Taskmaster
Julia Louis-DreyfusValentina Allegra de Fontaine
Wyatt RussellJohn Walker / U.S. Agent
Kevin FeigeProducer
Aleksi BriclotConcept Artist
Federico D’AlessandroLead storyboard artist/animatics supervisor
Nicanor Mendoza IIISet designer
Nick DeMaioribusRigging artist: Crafty Apes
Faizan Munawar VaryaKey animator
Zain AhmadProduction attorney
Nigel GoodwinMarvel studios legal

Thunderbolts Members

mcu thunderbolts ghost
MCU ghost

1. Ghost/Ava Starr: Ghost was the villain of Ant-Man and the wasp (2018), she will be returning as a part of Thunderbolt, Ghost or Ava Starr was actually a victim, at a very young age her molecular structure became very stable because of an quantum entanglement accident, and she started phasing in and out of the reality, while being in constant pain.

S.H.I.E.L.D used her for its own benefit by giving her a temporary fix, a suit, that allowed her to control her ability, and made her work for them.

taskmaster in thunderbolts

2. Taskmaster/Antonia Dreykov: Antonia was a daughter of Dreykov, who had a sever brain injury due to an explosion caused by Natasha, and that injury gave her the ability to remember every moves of his opponent.

When Dreykov saw this ability he used mind control on her and while being under his mind control she learned the fighting skills of all the Avengers, becoming a very big asset for Dreykov. After Natasha freed her from Drekov and his mind control she joined the Thunderbolts.

red guardian in thunderbolts
Red Guardian

3. Red Guardian/Alexei Shostakov: After Captain America got his powers, Russia created a copy cat of Steve, named Red Guardian, although the serum was not exactly the same but Russians somehow managed to make a soldier stronger than Captain America.

Red Guardian did not get his chance to shine because he was in the jail for most of his life, but he used to tell stories to his fellow mates about fighting with Captain America which was a lie because when Red Guardian was in his prime Captain was frozen.

winter soldier in thunderbolts
Winter soldier

4. Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes: Bucky is someone steve Rogers used to look up to before he got his superpowers, Winter soldier is the senior of all of them, Bucky Barnes has the most experience when it comes to fighting in wars.

Steve and Bucky has always been best friends from the beginning, during a chase in world war 2 Bucky fell several feet and his fellow mates did not thought he could survive the fall, but somehow he survived the fall, and HYDRA found him, brainwashed him, experimented on him and used him for their own benefit.

But eventually captain America saved him during the events of ‘Captain America Civil War’.

5. Black Widow/Yelena Belova:
Natasha’s sister Yelena was introduced to the MCU in the movie ‘Black Widow’ where they both fought against Dreykov, like Natasha Yelena was also trained to become a Black Widow, and she will be playing as the new Black widow for MCU fans.

black widow in thunderbolts
Black Widow

Unluckily she was that part of the population who vanished after the Thanos’ snap in Avengers infinity war, when she came back after the 5 years she came to know about her sister’s sacrifice, taking the advantage of the situation Valentina Allegra de Fontaine brained washed her telling her that Clint was responsible for her sister’s death.

u.s. agent in thunderbolts
U.S. Agent

6. U.S. Agent/John Walker: Captain America or Steve Rogers choose Sam to be the next Captain America but US govt. had different plans as they Selected John Walker to be the new Captain America as he passed all the tested of being one.

Eventually he finds the super soldier serum and drinks it to finally have strength like Captain America and brutally kills defenseless Flag-Smasher in front of a crowd of witnesses, stripped of his title he was recruited by Valentina, the same women who brain washed Yelena into thinking that Clint killed her sister.

Thunderbolts Trailer

Since the Thunderbolt Trailer is not released yet here is a fan-made trailer of Thunderbolts, we will update you as soon as the trailer comes out.

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