Will Avatar 2 Set A New Standard For 3D Movies?


Published By: Shashank Singh


Avatar 2 is directed by James Cameron who is one of the biggest directors ever, he has given us movies like Aliens, Terminator, Titanic etc. 

His movies always have some uniqueness in them, like Avatar 1 was one of the best CGI films ever at the time.

Similarly, Avatar 2 is the first film to be shot underwater in 3D, before Avatar 2 every underwater movie was shot on the ground including Aquaman.

James Cameron also mentioned that they are working extremely hard to create a 3D version of the movie better than any other film ever.

If this statement was given by any other director we could have taken it lightly but a director like James Cameron is no joke.

On the top 3 highest earning movies of all time list, 2 movies are from James Cameron, titanic and Avatar 1.

Avatar 1 is the highest-earning movie of all time and Titanic is the 3rd highest-earning movie of all time.