Avatar 2 Is The First Film In History To be Shot in  3D Underwater.


Published By: Shashank Singh


Just a reminder that 2009's Avatar was ahead of its time because of the motion detection CGI that they used in the film.

And this time James Cameron is back with something unique again, the CGI is going to be impressive again.

But the unique thing is "Underwater 3D", Avatar 2 is the first movie ever to be shot in 3D under water.

For doing so, James Cameron had to build his own camera that can detect motion under water very precisely.

Avatar 2 is mostly shot under the water, James Cameron said that with Avatar 2 they are pushing the limits of what cinema can do

He also said that they are trying their best to make sure that the Avatar is the best 3D film anyone has ever experienced.

A quick reminder that Avatar 1 is the highest earning (grossing) film ever with the world wide collection of $2.9billion.