Avengers Actually Saved 2 Earths By Killing Thanos


Published By: Shashank Singh


In the Endgame when Avengers defeated Thanos they not only saved their earth from Thanos but they also saved one more earth from Thanos. 

let's understand it this way: Earth 1: This is the earth where Thanos erased 50% of all living creatures. 

Earth 2: This is the earth where Avengers went to collect the infinity stones as on earth 1 Thanos had destroyed the infinity stones.

On Earth 1 Thor killed Thanos when they met him second time on Planet 0259-S or Thanos might call it "Garden".

When Avengers went back in time or another way of saying it is when Avengers went on earth 2, which is the past version of Earth 1

Avengers found the respective Infinity stone and Thanos from Earth 2 also came to earth 1 after Hulk snapped and brought back everyone on earth 1.

In Endgame Avengers defeated Thanos from Earth 2, this way now their is no Thanos in earth 2 as well, so with Earth 1, Earth 2 is also saved.