Avengers Can Bring Iron Man Back But They Will Not Do So!


Published By: Shashank Singh


Endgame ended up with Iron-man  sacrificing himself to save everyone, and it would be great if Iron-man can return in the future MCU films.

As the Avengers now have a time machine, can they bring Iron-man back while making sure that Thanos remains dead?

The answer is yes they can, and it's very easy as well, but will they do it? the answer to that is, No they will not do that.

Let's understand it this way: If Avengers went into the past and anyhow managed to convince Iron-man to come with them, then it will create 2 different timelines

Timeline 1: where Avengers from another timeline came and took Iron man with them, and people in Timeline 1 miss Iron-man because he is in different timeline.

Timeline 2: (our timeline) where Avengers brought another Iron man from timeline 1, and he wants to go back to his family and friends in timeline 1 because they miss him.

Even after bringing back iron-man, he will still be missing from one of the timelines (timeline 1), and this is not a solution.

The solution would be to have Iron-man in all the timelines, but that cannot happen, because of the way time travel works in the MCU.