Bye Bye Professor Hulk, Old Hulk Is Returning In The MCU


Published By: Shashank Singh


Professor Hulk was introduced in the Avengers: Endgame and TBH Marvel fans did not like him.

But here is some good news for all the old Hulk fans, marvel has dropped the biggest hint about world breaker hulk in "She Hulk"

If you don't know world breaker Hulk: he is the strongest version of the Hulk, and he transformed into this version when he went to back to Sakaar.

Where he had a son named Skaar, and after the death of Hulk's wife, Hulk became so angry that we started absorbing Gamma radiations of that planet.

And he transformed into World breaker hulk, and in the TV show "She hulk", we just saw Skaar and Hulk also went back to Sakaar.

And on top of that season 1 of "she Hulk" has been following the comic book story, and according to comics its time for World breaker Hulk.

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