Can Kang the Conqueror Beat Thanos?


Published By: Shashank Singh


Thanos was the most powerful and one of the strongest Villains of MCU phase 3, but is he more powerful than Kang?

When it comes to hand-to-hand combat, Thanos will throw Kang like a toy, as Thanos is a trained and skilled soldier.

Thanos also has more battle experience than Kang, but there are some Kang variants who have more battle experience than Thanos.

So Thanos is definitely stronger than Kang but Kang is way more powerful than Thanos, and that is because of the knowledge of Time travel that Kang has.

In Avengers Endgame, Tony invented the time machine and Avengers used time travel to beat Thanos, and Kang has mastery in time travel. 

Kang has all the spoilers for everything that will happen in the MCU, and because of that, he becomes nearly unbeatable.

So Kang with all his powers will beat Thanos with all 6 infinity stones, Thanos may have a 1% winning chance because he has the time stone.