For Avengers The Next Big Problem Could Be Dormammu


Published By: Shashank Singh


After defeating Thanos we are now in the MCU Phase 4, where we will see new villains and possibly may be new heroes as well. 

And there is a very high chance for Dormammu to return, we saw Dormammu in the Doctor Strange 1.

Where Doctor Strange defeated Dormammu by using the time stone, and MCU did not let Dormammu show his powers.

Dormammu is easily one of the most powerful cosmic being, he lives in the dark dimension where he has full control of everything.

And the fact that time does not exist in his dimension means that he is in this universe before time was created.

Now that Thanos has destroyed all the infinity stones on earth 616 (our universe) their is no time stone to stop Dormammu. 

It is the perfect time for Dormammu to return and take revenge from Dr. Strange and this time he will need some help.