Dormammu Could Be The Next MCU Phase 4 Villain.


Published By: Shashank Singh


Dormammu was first seen in Doctor Strange 1, where we saw how Dr. Strange managed to trap him in a time loop.

This was done using the time stone because in Dormammu's dimension, the dark dimension, time does not exist, 

MCU did him (Dormammu) dirty by not letting Dormammu show his powers, anyone watching Dormamu for the first time will think he was a weak villian.

But Dormammu is one of the most powerful villains that Doctor Strange ever had, he is the ruler of dark dimension.

And the fact that time does not exist in his dimension means, he is in this universe even before the creation of time itself.

Now that all the infinity stones are destroyed, their is is no time stone to stop Dormammu this time.

Dormammu is also clea's uncle and Clea was seen in the post credit scene of 'Multiverse Of Madness".

This could be a hint that Dormammu is coming back as their is no time stone, incursion has happened and Clea is also introduced in the MCU.