Experiencing Avatar 2 In 3D Will Blow Your Mind


Published By: Shashank Singh


Avatar 2 is releasing in theaters on 16th December 2022, did you know that Avatar 1 is the highest-grossing movie of all time.

Avatar 1 has made $2.9 Billion worldwide and like Avatar 1, Avatar 2 also has a unique element in it, which is Underwater 3D. 

Avatar 2 is the first movie in the history of cinema to be shot underwater in 3D, and it is done by James Cameron.

James Cameron is the leading director of the film who has gave us movies like, Aliens, Avatar 1, Terminater, Titanic etc.

James Cameron in an interview said that "we will push the limits of what cinema can do with avatar 2"

James Cameron also said that they are trying their best to make the 3D experience of the film like no other movie has given before.

And if you have seen Avatar 1 which was released in 2009, you already know the VFX they use, Avatar's VFX were way ahead of its time.