Halloween Ends: What About The Sequel To Halloween Ends?


Published By: Shashank Singh


Is the title, "Halloween Ends" accurate? will there be no sequel? Is Halloween Ends the last movie of the franchise?

The Answer is, this was the last direct sequel to the film, David Gordon Green, the director of the film has confirmed this.

He said that at some time, someone may introduce a different Laurie and give the story a new twist, but the mythos would still go on.

Laurie also confirmed that it will be her last Halloween film, and it would be the last time the audience will see her nervous smile.

The Halloween trilogy started in 1978, and since then there have been 13 movies in the franchise that ended with Halloween ends.

Based on 7.4k votes, the IMDB rating of the film is 5.2, among all the movies of this trilogy Halloween 1 (1978) is the highest rated film (7.7)

The boogeyman, Michael Myers, is finally dead, he has come alive many times, but this time he is not coming back again.