Horror Film Terrifier 2 Is Causing People To Faint And Vomit!


Published By: Shashank Singh


The last weekend "Terrifier  2" was released with Chris Jericho featuring "The Ocho". The movie had a lot of gore in it.

Terrifier  2 movie did very well at the box office, earning $1 million given that the production budget of the film $,250,000.

Terrifier 2 is ranked in the top 10 of the movie list, on social media people are making a lot of claims about fainting while watching the movie.

Not just fainting but some people are even throwing up while watching Terrifier 2, the movie is featuring a nutty clown as the focus of the film.

People are also leaving the theaters, as some of the audience are feeling like throwing up.

According to social media reports, some people are also passing out in their seats while watching the film.