How Iron-Man Created Kang The Conqueror.


Published By: Shashank Singh


Kang the conqueror is the MCU phase 4 villain, after Thanos, and did you know that It's Iron Man who indirectly created Kang?

Kang is a time traveler who wants to conqueror everything, and their are infinite variants of him.

In Loki Season 1 'He Who Remains' was actually saving the universe from his variants but after his death their is no one to protect the timelines from his variants.variants.

In Endgame, Iron Man created the time machine to go back in the past and bring the infinity stone to bring back everyone they have lost 

And the only superpower Kang has is the knowledge of time travel, and he is nothing without the time machine

Kang the conqueror has all his powers because Iron man created the time machine, Without the time machine, Kang would be a normal human.

And this is how iron-man created kang the conqueror, we might also see Dormammu again as the time stone is now destroyed.