If Wolverine Fought Deadpool In The MCU, Who Would Win?


Published By: Shashank Singh


Ryan Reynolds, on his Instagram, confirmed that Wolverine and Deadpool will be together in the next Deadpool film.

And if they fight, who has a higher possibility of winning? Deadpool or Wolverine?

the primary weapon of Deadpool is his sword and the primary weapon of Wolverine is his adamantium claws.

We all know about the healing factors of both, so none of them will cause the other any fatal damage.

Wolverine might cut Deadpool in half but he will grow back, wolverine cannot grow his body parts but its impossible to cut him is half because of the adamantium skeleton.

Since neither of them will die, their is only one way this fight can end , and that is if Deadpool some how manages to cut Wolverine's body parts.

Since Wolverine can not grow his body parts he will lose the fight, but for Deadpool, their is just no way to kill Deadpool.

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