Iron Man created the MCU Phase 4 VIllain, Kang The Conqueror!


Published By: Shashank Singh


Iron Man is certainly one of the most-liked characters in the MCU after Spider-Man, but he created 3 villains in the MCU.

Aldrich Killian and Ultron were the 2 villains we know he created, but did you know that Ironman also created Kang?

Kang is a normal human being who has a lot of knowledge of time travel and he uses technology from the future.

In short, his only superpower is time travel, take away time travel from Kang and he is a normal human being.

And in the endgame Tony created the time machine, he is the original creator of the time machine.

If  Tony never created the Time Machine, Kang would have been a normal human being who is a scientest.

This way indirectly Kang was the creation of tony stark, Kang is the main villain of MCU phase 4, and he might be in MCU Phase 5 as well.