Is Black Adam A Villain Or a Anti-Hero?


Published By: Shashank Singh


Black Adam released in the United Stated on 21st December 2022, and it left fans wondering, is he a hero or a villain?

Black Adam is not a hero neither a villain, he is actually an anti-hero, which means he does not want to kill anyone.

He just want to rule everyone and he will kill everyone who comes in his way, and as you guessed heroes comes in his way.

So he became an anti-hero, well after the cameo of Superman in the end of the Black Adam movie.....

It will be interesting to watch Black Adam fight Superman in the the next DCEU film "Man of Steel 2"

Because Dwyane Johnson himself has 'kind of' confirmed that Superman is stronger than Black Adam.

Brace Yourself For "Man Of Steel 2" (Black Adam vs Superman)