Kang Is Stuck In Quantum Realm? Ant-Man 3 Trailer.


Published By: Shashank Singh


We finally saw Kang the conqueror in the Ant-man and the wasp Quantumania trailer release on Tuesday morning.

And when Scott (Ant-man) and his family get stuck in the Quantum realm we see Kang and his city in the quantum realm.

And this is the first time we saw Kang the conqueror in the MCU, previously Kang we saw in "Loki" was not actually Kang but his variant "he who remains".

Actually, both Ant-man and Kang are stuck in the quantum realm, and both want to get out.

And they both need each other's help in order to do so, but Ant-man knows the risk of bringing Kang to the real world.

So the entire movie will take place inside the quantum realm and for the first time we will see how powerful Kang is.

And at the end, Kang will escape the Quantum realm which will set the story for future MCU movies.