Michael B. Jordan’s "CREED 3", Release Date Confirmed!


Published By: Shashank Singh


After the huge success of Creed 1 And Creed 2 here comes the 3 installment with Jonathan Majors as the villain of the film.

In Creed 3 Michael B. Jordan is looking bigger than Creed 2, he definitely had put on some quality weight on his frame.

Jonathan Majors, the villain of he film is also playing the role of Kang The Conqueror for Marvel.

Michael B. Jordan is not only the hero in the film (obviously) but he is also the director of the movie.

Creed 3 Is releasing on march 3rd 2023, did you know, for creed 3 Jonathan Majors gained 21 pounds of lean muscle mass.

For Creed 3 Both Jonathan and Jordan have prepared themselves, and it will be interesting to watch 2 monsters fight each other in a ring.

Experiencing Avatar 2 in 3D will blow your mind.