Shuri Could Be The Evil Black Panther


Published By: Shashank Singh


After watching the second trailer of Black panther it is pretty much clear that Shuri is the new Black Panther.

But did you know that in the comics Shuri was the Evil black Panther who Started a War Against Wakandans and Atlanteans.

And similar things are happening in the MCU as well, like in the comics after the incursion, the illuminati were created.

Afterwards, T'Challa & Namor had to come together but Shuri takes advantage of this and starts a war against Atlanteans.

Similar things are Happening in the MCU as well, incursions happened in the Multiverse of madness, and Illuminati died as well.

Now Namor is coming to the surface world, but the difference is that T'Challa is no more with us because the actor passed away.

So in the comics Shuri is shown as the evil version of Black panther that started and lead the war against Atlanteans.

Shuri in black panther 2