Superman Will Cameo In Post-Credit Scene of Black Adam


Published By: Shashank Singh


Black Adam is going to release on 20th October 2022, and it is expected to cross the $1 Billion mark.

As DCEU is now finally working on the Man of Steel 2, Black Adam could be a great help for setting up the story For Man Of Steel 2.

But there is no confirmation that superman will be in the Black Adam movie, he will only do a cameo in the post-credit scene.

And in man Of Steel 2, we will see Black Adam and superman together, we might also see them fight together.

So don't just leave the theater once the movie has ended , wait in the theater for the post credit scene.

And Dwyane Johnson recently confirmed that Super is stronger than Black Adam, so it will be very interesting to watch them fight in Man Of Steel 2

Superman Is Stronger Than Black Adam In DCEU, Confirmed.